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  • Profile: Prince William
    "Prince William, who is to marry his girlfriend Kate Middleton next year, is second-in-line to the throne."


  • William made Knight of the Garter - with a VIDEO
    "Prince William has been made a Royal Knight of the Garter, joining the most senior British order of chivalry.
    He was officially appointed by the Queen at a service at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle..."


    Order of the Garter
    "The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an order of chivalry, or knighthood, originating in medieval England, and presently bestowed on recipients
    in any of the Commonwealth realms; it is the pinnacle of the honours system in the United Kingdom..."

    1 History
    2 The Order
    3 Vestments and accoutrements
    4 Precedence and privileges
    5 Garter service at St George's Chapel
    6 Connections to "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"...





  • Royal wedding: What do we call her ?
    "At the instant she and Prince William are pronounced "man and wife", Catherine Middleton will begin a new life and take on a whole new identity.
    She will automatically become Her Royal Highness, Princess William of Wales..."






  • Royal wedding: Family tree - interactive
    "When Kate Middleton walks down the aisle of Westminster Abbey on 29 April, it will be to marry a future king.
    But while Prince William descends from a royal lineage that dates back centuries, the family tree of his wife-to-be reveals far more humble roots."



  • Royal wedding family tree - interactive (CNN)










  • Royal wedding: Who's who
    "Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited 1,900 people to their wedding in Westminster Abbey on Friday 29 April.
    In addition to friends and family, the guest list includes foreign royal families, politicians from home and abroad, military personnel, and representatives of various charities and faiths.
    The congregation will also be dotted with celebrities, and several lesser-known faces..."
    + Key players at the royal wedding : Name / Who are they ? / Why are they invited ?


  • UK royal wedding couple invite 1,900 - 20 February 2011
    "Some 1,900 guests have been invited to the royal wedding, St James's Palace says, as invitations are sent out across the UK and overseas...
    UK and foreign dignitaries, senior politicians, charity workers and celebrities like the Beckhams are said to be among the Westminster Abbey congregation on 29 April."

    + " people who have been homeless and soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq...
    About 600 relatives, friends and dignitaries are invited to the lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace to toast the couple...
    The dress requirements are given as "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit"."








  • Royal wedding: In numbers - 1 May 2011
    "The royal wedding was watched by millions of people in 180 countries around the world.
    Check out how some of the big numbers stacked up for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."


  • William and Kate's World Wide Wedding
    "The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was an event for the internet age...
    Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube were all given over to the royal wedding."


    "Google's "doodle" featured a carriage progressing
    from Westminster Abbey to a fairytale castle."


  • William and Kate: The story so far - interactive (BBC)



      • Amazingly Grace
        "KATE wowed the world yesterday in a stunning wedding dress that drew comparisons with the one worn by movie star turned princess Grace Kelly...
        The bouquet was shield-shaped with myrtle, lily of the valley, sweet william and hyacinth.
        The flowers all have links to either the Royal Family or the Middletons. Myrtle is the emblem of marriage and love."

        + a video
        See the details about the tiara, the earrings, the hair and veil, the bouquet, the dress, the train and the shoes.

      • Dress embroiderers were kept in the dark
        "Who designed the most anticipated dress of the century was the secret that everyone wanted to know - including the people making it..." The embroiderers "had to wash their hands every 30 minutes to keep the lace and threads pristine, and the needles were renewed every three hours, to keep them sharp and clean..."

        See "The dress in detail"








  • Royal wedding : Seating plan
    "The wedding will see 2,000 guests gathered in Westminster Abbey, including 46 foreign royals, the prime minister and members of the cabinet and the armed forces."




    • What to wear for the royal wedding
      "Treat it as a particularly nationalistic holiday and festoon yourself in union flags, just like everyone else."

    • Morning suit v lounge suit : A quick history lesson / When to wear it / Modern weddings / In praise of

      The morning suit

      The lounge suit

    • A guide to etiquette :
      "Royal weddings are full of protocol but what are guests expected to wear for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day?
      The invitation states guest should wear "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit". But what does that mean?..."


      Morning coat
      Lounge suit



  • Ceremonial Timings (

    "Miss Catherine Middleton, accompanied by her immediate family,
    will spend the night before the Wedding at the Goring Hotel."


  • The wedding route

    + Westminster Abbey 360 tour :
    "Westminster Abbey is over 900 years old and and one of the most important churches in England.
    It has been the setting for many coronations and royal weddings.
    Explore the image ... with Blue Badge guide Judy Pulley, who provides audio and text commentary."







  • PRINCE William and bride Kate
    "have had a boatload of treats shipped to their island honeymoon hideaway (in the Seychelles) - including Brussels sprouts."

    See : What they ordered.
    Guests on the £4,000-a-night island are told they can eat "what you want, where you want, when you want".


  • Royal wedding: Alternative ways to party
    "Union jack-waving, balloons and jelly and ice cream are to feature at hundreds of royal wedding parties
    - but many organisers are planning a break with tradition to mark Prince William's 21st Century nuptials."




  • The Royal Wedding : news, gossip, trivia, facts and merchandise
  • Royal Wedding - the route in 42 seconds - with a VIDEO
    "Details of the route Kate Middleton will take to her wedding at Westminster Abbey have been released. Here's what it will look like to her, but with fewer cars and bigger crowds on the day."




  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: the full gift list
    "A newly published list of gifts presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their overseas trips last year has disclosed hats as the most popular present. Here is the list in full...'

















  • Royal wedding: Police arrest 45 around security zone - 29 April 2011 (BBC)

    "Police created a "ring of steel" around the wedding."

  • Royal wedding: Police plan 'robust' response to trouble
    "Some 5,000 officers will be on duty to ensure the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a "safe, secure and happy event"...
    60 suspected troublemakers have been banned from London on the day."


  • Royal wedding: The security challenge
    "There will be 5,000 police officers on duty or in reserve...
    The police have already begun systematic searches of drains, lampposts, traffic lights and other street furniture...
    There will be snipers on rooftops and a police "eye in the sky" helicopter with a camera capable of identifying faces in the crowd.
    Police sniffer dogs will check the route and the Abbey in advance...
    Scotland Yard is considering pre-emptive action against known protesters, some of whom may be arrested in advance...
    About 60 people are banned from entering the area around Parliament under their bail conditions...
    At least one of the footmen on the royal carriage is likely to be armed..."
























Cartoon: Good Value Monarchy
"This cartoon by Blower from 
The Daily Telegraph relates to the Duke
and Duchess of Cambridge's 
Royal tour of Canada




Honeymoon Sprouts for Wills and Kate





Once upon a time, ...



Royal Wedding Invitation
"Today's cartoon by 
Mac in the Daily Mail

 is inspired by the news that the
Royal couple intend to invite homeless teenagers to their wedding
at Westminster Abbey in April
of next year..."



Cartoon : Royal Wedding




  • Post-it: Kate and William
    "This ad was specially made for the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The new Post-it notes Super Sticky are holding stronger and longer. With this play on current events 3M is wishing Will and Kate to stick together forever."





  • NEWS - ROYAL WEDDING - 29 April 2011 (BBC)
    - VIDEOS

  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the royal wedding
    "Receiving royal tweets, posting well-wishing videos on YouTube and downloading phone apps are among an array of technological ways to get involved with the royal wedding.
    Rory Cellan-Jones asks Kat Hannaford from technology site Gizmodo about some of the best ways of following the marriage of William and Kate."
    + Digital royal wedding: or #rw2011 : an article
    "The official Royal Wedding website will be at the centre of an operation which will use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr to provide material about the day’s events - and to solicit content from the public."



  • Royal wedding guide: How to be 'frightfully posh' : ARTICLE + VIDEO
    "It's a world for the privileged few... This is the realm of Britain's upper classes...
    Nicknamed "toffs," "hooray henrys" and "yahs," becoming part of this privileged upper-crust set is a frightfully difficult affair."

    + What is a Sloane? + How to spot a Sloane + How to live like a Sloane + How to party like a Sloane


  • Royal Wedding Fever Rises to Epidemic + Transcript
    "As more news outlets announce extended coverage of Prince William's wedding, the media turn the lens on itself and question the royal treatment."



  • Royal wedding spoof video becomes an online hit
    "The video - which was produced by mobile phone firm T-Mobile and has been seen online five million times - starts off looking like someone has taken a camcorder into the upcoming royal wedding...
    During the 3 minute film clip, 15 royal lookalikes covering entire wedding party, which includes Princess Anne, the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and Prince Edward shimmy and body pop their way to the alter at the front of the church.  "




  • Royal Wedding - the route in 42 seconds - with a VIDEO
    "Details of the route Kate Middleton will take to her wedding at Westminster Abbey have been released. Here's what it will look like to her, but with fewer cars and bigger crowds on the day."





  • William and Kate film to be shown on Channel 5
    - "A US movie dramatisation of Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance...
    The film chronicles the couple's nine-year-relationship from when they first met at St Andrews University."