Salt Lake 2002

2. This animal is swifter.
4. Salt Lake City is the capital of this State.
5. The elk lives in the ... Mountains.
7. This Lake is in the Adirondacks.
10. Women will compete for the first time in this event.
12. A Federal Agency.
15. They are afraid of biological ...
16. Name of the man who founded Salt Lake City and opposite of old.
18. Belly-down and head-first.
20. North American Indian woman or wife.

1. The Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
   is the largest ... library in the world.
3. He carries the Torch.
6. If you win, you get a ... medal.
8. You can buy commemorative ....
9. A rock you can find in this State.
11. An athlete needs one to carry his rifle on his back while he or she is skiing.
13. You may bring one, if you don't want to be cold.
14. They wanted to escape persecution.
17. It is a strong animal and a Mascot.
19. It is used in ice hockey.

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