Salt Lake 2002 (6)

2. It is a strong animal and a Mascot.
3. "Belly-down and head-first."
6. Women are in this event in 2002.
8. A Federal Agency.
11. North American Indian woman or wife.
12. They wanted to escape persecution.
13. Part of the biathlon equipment.
14. This Lake is in the Adirondacks.
15. A famous man in Salt Lake City.
17. It is used in ice hockey.
18. The State rock.

1. They are scared of biological ...
2. Take one, if you don't want to be cold.
4. He carries the Torch.
5. You can buy commemorative ....
7. The champion has a ... medal.
9. The Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
   Latter-day Saints is a ... library.
10. This animal is very fast.
13. The elk lives in the ... Mountains.
16. Salt Lake City is the capital of this State.

20 of 20 words were placed into the puzzle.
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