I. Find the names of the places and the people referred to :

  1. Princess Diana lived there.
  2. He was imprisoned there before he was executed.
  3. It is the Queen's official London residence.
  4. Where does the Queen spend Christmas ?
  5. What is the summer residence of the Queen ?
  6. She lived there during the campaign against the Spanish Armada.
  7. It has about 600 rooms.
  8. He was a famous architect who improved Kensington Palace.
  9. It is set high above that river. Find the names of the residence and of the river.
  10. It was the entrance to a Palace until it was moved to the north-east corner of Hyde Park.
  11. The Gold State Coach, used at coronations, can be seen there.
  12. It is a mausoleum dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  13. The lover of Mary, Queen of Scots, was killed there.



II. Find the places related to Queen Victoria :

  1. She was born there.
  2. She decided to live there in 1837.
  3. She gave it to her mother in 1841.
  4. It was bought for her by Prince Albert.
  5. The chapel, built there in the 13th century, was restored by her as a monument to Albert.
  6. She was buried there with Prince Albert.
  7. Her Memorial faces that palace.