Death Penalty

2. Against.
3. Causing death.
6. To steal.
10. It was first used in 1890 in New-York. (2 words)
14. The leading State in terms of executing juvenile offenders.
16. A method of execution using guns. (2 words)
18. The place where condemned criminals await their execution. (2 words)
20. A method of execution used in Washington.

1. He tried to save Karla Tucker.
4. Not forbidden.
5. McVeigh was famous for . the Oklahoma Federal Building.
7. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of .
8. Young person.
9. His baby was kidnapped and murdered.
11. This State does not use death penalty.
12. A person living in a prison.
13. Judges, magistrates and officers that administer justice.
15. Not innocent.
17. It saved nine inmates in 2000. (2 words)
19. They were condemned in Salem.

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