Le TEMPS qu'il fait / The WEATHER


(Updated on 20/07/2016)


Weather according to Snoopy and friends


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INTERACTIVE activities :


  • Weather Reports
    - Expressions used in a weather report
    - "Listen to the ... weather reports. (easy / medium / difficult)
    Listen again, and then answer the comprehension questions.
    Read the transcripts to check your understanding."

  • Weather quiz - interactive
    Sun, rain, thunder - test yourself on the British summer
    "The weather on St Swithin's Day was a typical British mixture - sunny spells and cloud, heavy showers and light drizzle.
    The Magazine tests your knowledge of all things summertime with a weather quiz, starting with the legend of St Swithin himself."



  • THE STORM VOCABULARY : Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration
    See a list of terms used in these activities.
  • Weather Vocabulary + Meaning + Example Sentence + interactive exercises
  • Dressing for the weather "is a drag and drop dressing activity. - WITH SOUND
    You have to select the right outfit to match the prevailing weather conditions shown in the window." + weather words

  • What Will Bella Wear? (depending on the weather) - interactive - an animated story with sound

  • Weather Match-Up - interactive (
    "Choose the letter of the definition that goes with the correct word."
  • The Weather : Vocabulary and exercises (
    "Look at the pictures for clues and put these weather words into the correct gaps:
    hot, raining, windy, sun, sunny, blowing, cloud, rain, wind, cloudy, rainy, shining, cold"
    (Beginner English)

  • La météo (Activités pour 6ème) - (Hervé Humbert)


  • La météo : "Fais le bon choix" - exercice interactif (Ghislaine Wulles)




  • Weather - Matching exercise (annie.gwynn)


  • "Using our Interactive Weather Maker, you'll be able to turn a sunny day into a windy day. Or create a rainy day.
    And if you create the correct conditions, you can make a blizzard - complete with a whiteout!" (



  • The Weather Report - "Please fill in the blanks." (

  • Weather (
    - ex : "If the weather is snowy, it is ___.
    a. warm b. hot c. cold"

  • Weather (autoenglish)
    - "Choose the correct answer for each question." -
    ex : "This adjective describes a grey day.
    dull / blustery / mild / damp"

  • Weather - movies and quizzes on the various aspects of weather. (BRAINPOP)
  • Weather Wiz Kids - information, quizzes, games, flashcards... (