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Weather according to Snoopy and friends


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Flashcards and Animations :



  • Seasons (with SOUND) - (
    Click on STORIES / Level 2



PowerPoint Presentations :

  • DAYS / MONTHS / SEASONS - PowerPoint presentation
    sent by Corinne Degezelle

    Niveau primaire, segpa et 6ème
    (Ac. Reims)
  • Seasons - PowerPoint Presentation (Primary Resources)
    Click on Geography / Weather.

Vocabulary :

  • Terms for the Seasons of the Year
    "Words for the seasons and related terms often have both literal and figurative connotations. Here are the words and their various senses."



Pronunciation / Listening :


Cards :


INTERACTIVE activities :

  • The Four Seasons (esl-lab)
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Post-Listening Exercises
  • Seasons - exercise with pictures (
  • Les jours, les mois, les saisons (Activités pour 6ème) - (Hervé Humbert)
  • Changing time : Lesson Plans - Seasons / Interactive Activities (


Activities TO PRINT :
  • An apple tree through the seasons of the year. (
    "Color the pictures and, above each tree, write the season that is shown.


  • Seasons (with SOUND) - (
    Click on STORIES / LEVEL 2




  • Seasons - a lesson
    "In this lesson, students will look at different features of the seasons.
    They will listen to and sing a song, and watch a story about the changing seasons.
    They will think about words and ideas connected to the different seasons, and then work together to produce a poster.
    Finally students can complete a craft activity or play a game."


AUTUMN / FALL (US) : Interactive activities - Activities to print - Idioms - Songs







- Cliparts / Photos - Facts - Interactive activities - Activities to print - Lesson plans -
Interactive games - Games to print - Tongue twisters - Stories / Facts - Songs and Poetry - Posters - Cartoons - Videos




    • Winter Vocabulary - a worksheet (
      - with definitions - NO pictures


  • Cliparts / Photos :


    More than 1,000 people gathered at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, "to mark the winter solstice.
    During the winter solstice, the sun is closer to the horizon than at any other time in the year, meaning shorter days and longer nights."




    Handheld Snow Plow
    for Deep Snow



    A snow plough
    (US snowplow)




    A salt truck
    (No link)



    A grit machine

    to grit = sabler


    An ambush
    (= "une embuscade")

    Winter Clipart

  • Facts :

    • 10 weird things Americans are doing in the snow - 27 February 2015
      "A record-breaking 64.6 inches (164cm) of snow has been dumped on the US city of Boston during February.
      And the unprecedented weather has led to unprecedented acts of human endeavour, although one or two very much ill-advised."


    • Snowstorm paralyses Washington DC and eastern US
      "An "extremely dangerous" storm has dumped large amounts of snow in the eastern US, shutting down the capital...
      Museums closed, transport was widely disrupted, and residents were told to prepare for up to five days indoors...
      The storm - dubbed "snowpocalypse" and "snowmageddon" by the local media..."





    • A Winter Alphabet (




    • LEARN WITH DRAWINGS : SNOW (dessins et questions) - (



  • Lesson plans :

    • Intermediate English Lesson - The Big Freeze
      with a "video about the extreme weather that the UK is currently experiencing."
      + Related quizzes
    • Cold weather brings Xmas chaos to Europe - a lesson plan
      "Freezing cold weather and snow have brought death and disruption across the continent."

    • Winter Wonderland!
      "The lessons and resources on this page are meant to help all educators bring the wonder of winter into their classrooms!"
      (Education World)


    • Londoners offered BLT for SAD - a lesson plan
      with "a news article, listening (MP3 file), podcast, communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises."
      BLT = Bright Light Therapy
      SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder
      (Breaking News English)



  • INTERACTIVE games :


  • Games TO PRINT :


    • Winter Matching Game - "Match the letters of the clues with the words." - to print (

  • Tongue twisters :

    • Witches won't wear white in winter weather.
      Silly snowmen slide with slick scarfs down the slow slope.
      Snowballs simply slowly hit the slick ground unless they hit you sorrowfully.
      Silly smelly Sam snowman slips and slides like soap down slopes.


  • Stories / Facts :

    • Too much snow closes ski centre
      "The CairnGorm Mountain ski centre in the Highlands will be closed for the day - because of too much snow.'

      Vocabulary :
      ski centre / blizzard / caterpillar vehicles and snow blowers / to clear the approach road and the slopes /
      snow drifts / funicular railway track up the mountain / ski-tows / ski-tow towers / caterpillar earth-movers /
      a single-track road / a bumper winter / holiday season / skiers and snowboarders using its runs


    • Alfy Snow Day ( - UPDATED


  • Songs and Poetry :

    • Video: In the Depot
      "This amusing 'Winter Maintenance Message' from Torfaen council in Wales featuring Elvis impersonator Darren 'Graceland' Jones has become a viral hit — it also contains some useful winter weather vocabulary."


    • Enya - White Is In The Winter Night (YouTube)
      - the LYRICS
      "Green is in the mistletoe and red is in the holly
      Silver in the stars above that shine on everybody
      Gold is in the candlelight and crimson in the embers
      White is in the winter night that everyone remembers"


    • Snowbound by Genesis - UPDATED
      "Lay your body down upon the midnight snow
      Feel the cold of winter in your hair"
      - with the lyrics on the right of the video


    • "It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow...
      I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow...
      And with a spade of snow
      I'll build a man that's made of snow "


      - the VIDEO with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye... (YouTube)

    • Jesse Winchester - Snow 
      "Now you know what they say about snow flakes
      How there ain't no two the same
      Well, all them flakes look alike to me..."


      - the VIDEO

    • A Marshmallow World
      "It's a marshmallow world in the winter...
      It's a yum-yummy world made for sweethearts"

      Listen to it! (YouTube)


    • The snowman - with an animation
      Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Posters :

    • Don't be that guy Campaign - Poster - UPDATED
      "During the freezing season, the Highways Agency does its best to keep the roads clear of ice and snow, so you can carry on with your journey and stay out of harm’s way. But keeping your stress levels down, and ensuring your safety can’t only be their responsibility.
      The ‘Don’t be that guy’ campaign aims to help all drivers by reminding them of a few simple steps they could take that could make their journeys this winter easier and a little less frustrating for everyone."

  • Cartoons :

    (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)

    Cartoon: The Big Freeze
    "This cartoon by Paul Thomas 
    from The Daily Express combines
    two news stories:
    the cold weather which is currently sweeping the UK 
    and the announcement of
    rise in water bills..."


    So Much For Global Warming!
    - with an EXPLANATION
    "This cartoon by Schrank from 
    The Independent
    two news stories:
    the UN climate change talks 
    in Cancun
    (the subject of the newspaper headline
    on the car dashboard),
    and the earliest white winter
    in Britain for decades



    Childhood obesity - Cartoons



    Happiness Survey
    - with an EXPLANATION
    "In this cartoon from The Sun, Andy Davey blends two news stories:
    the UK government's plans
    for a happiness survey and
      Britain's worst November snow
    for 17 years






    SO MUCH SNOW... 
    by all the top cartoonists! 

    We never grit the ice in here.


    It's cold outside
    - Cartoons



  • VIDEOS :

    • Bad morning! (YouTube)

    • Winter Camping - Video Snapshot
      "Watch this video clip and answer the (interactive) questions based on what you see and hear."

      + Discussion Question

    • Statoil commercial - First snow fall (YouTube)