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English may become one tool
that opens windows to the world,
unlocks doors to opportunities,
and expands our minds to new ideas.




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'DIRECTORIES' Vocabulaire : page élèves



Vocabulaire illustré :



  •  iStudyEnglishOnline
    "The site has four main sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, Expressions & Idioms, and Verb Conjugations.
    I liked the Vocabulary section best, which is organized by theme (Clothes, Kitchen, Food, etc.), and features attractive pictures with English and American pronunciations.
    I particularly liked the video quiz, which tests your knowledge of the vocabulary...
    Sançar and his team have also created the iOS application iUnderstandEnglish, which features 12 different native speakers, each with a regional British accent, talking about real-life situations (find our more here)."





  • Learning Chocolate
    "This web site aims to help students to memorize English vocabularies."



  • WORDS - with pictures and pronunciation

  • Poisson rouge - Pictures + Vocabulary + Pronunciation



  • Cartes mentales "pour illustrer copieusement les cours de grammaire ou les listes de vocabulaire, qui deviennent de jolies oeuvres colorées faciles à mémoriser,
    surtout pour les jeunes qui ont un handicap de lecture...
    Cela motive certains de mes élèves peu travailleurs qui veulent bien apprendre en ayant l'impression de jouer, mais qui ne feraient aucune révision
    s'il leur fallait ouvrir un livre ou un cahier. "


  • eGlossary - with pictures and definitions

  • Vocabulary Activities + Grammar + Music + Cinema + Lessons + Games...


  • Learn English with Pictures - interactive (
    "Learn English with Pictures is a free, online, resource to learn English words in a fun way. The site has over 400 words and photographs ranging from animals to kitchen appliances. The interface is simple and both kids and adults who are learning English will find this educational website entertaining and useful...
    All photographs are copyrighted by Jacob Richman (me).
    Additional words may be added in the future."


  • ESL Video Lessons for kid Beginners
    "See pictures move and hear them read, also see them spelt . Teach your kids English using these interactive ESL videos There are ESL lessons on Clothes, Toys, Zoo animals,
    Birthday & numbers, farm animals, transportation, weather, vegetables, colors, and more."



  • WordMaster : FOR LIFE - vocabulary lessons :
    Socializing & Relationships / Leisure / Travel / Work Life / School Life / Health & the Body /
    Nature & the Environment / News & Events /
    All-Purpose English
  • The Language Match Game
    Learn new words (Animals / Food / Transportation / Tools / Nature / Clothing / ...) and Play.




  • Technical verbs: visuals
    "Many verbs which are used for technical processes can be recorded visually.
    These visuals may help you to remember the meanings of the verbs."




  • Nouns - "You click a letter to hear its name and see a picture" (


  • Vocabulaire illustré avec exercices et images (dès la 6ème) :
    food - architecture - office - colours - school - shapes - hospital - garden - days - jobs - months - music - tools - seasons - transports - sports - zoo


  • Picture Dictionaries : Clothes | Food | Sports | Verbs | Body | Animals | etc... (


  • An illustrated approach to a bigger and better vocabulary - (
    Words, with Images, that are Mostly Derived from Latin and Greek Elements
    (roots, prefixes, and suffixes).

Dictionnaires / Glossaires :


  • lingro - dictionary (




    WATCH Lingro on-line training videos

  • Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images.



  • The Phrontistery
    "Here, you will find the International House of Logorrhea (an online dictionary of obscure and rare words),
    the Compendium of Lost Words (a compilation of ultra-rare forgotten words),
    and many other glossaries, word lists, essays, and other language and etymology resources."


  • Wordia Video Dictionary = a text and video dictionary.
    Users upload short videos to explain definitions of different words.




  • - Glossary
    "This Glossary is intended as an educational tool for parents, children, teachers, students, and researchers.
    It is an offering of information, of history, and of possibilities.
    The definitions are specific to the current usage of the terms in the United States."

  • NASA - Picture Dictionary - interactive (





  • Glossaires - Lexicool -
    L'annuaire contient plus de 1000 liens vers divers dictionnaires et glossaires bilingues ou multilingues.
  • Interactive picture dictionary - (
    "Move your mouse around the screen to learn new vocabulary. Click on "test" when you are ready to check your knowledge." (Parapal Online)
    Numbers - Shapes - Zoo - Vegetables - In my pocket - My car


  • VIEW : VARIATION IN ENGLISH WORDS AND PHRASES (by Mark Davies, Brigham Young University )
    "You can search for words and phrases by exact word or phrase, wildcard or part of speech, or combinations of these. You can also use anchors and targets for fuzzy matches (e.g. all nouns somewhere near paper, all adjectives near woman, or all nouns near spin)...
    One unique aspect of the corpus is the ability to find the frequency of words and phrases in any combination of registers that you define (spoken, academic, poetry, medical, etc). In addition, you can compare between registers...
    You can easily compare between synonyms and other semantically-related words.
    ...find the frequency and distribution of words with similar, more general, or more specific meanings."

  • (Oxford dictionaries - Ask the experts) -
    Collective Terms for Animals - FAQ : Dictionaries / Grammar / Spelling / Symbols / Word Origins...

  • Words of the Year (American Dialect Society) - ex : in 2001 "ground zero" (
  • Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus - (SIGN IN)
    An exploration in language and learning, the Thesaurus is a visual representation of the English language.


New words :

  • See Facts

  • What Is a 'Meme'? What Are Examples of Modern Internet Memes?
    "A 'meme' is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny,
    often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions.
    Some memes have heavier and more philosophical content.
    The world of memes (which rhymes with 'teams') is noteworthy for two reasons..."

    + Examples



  • 2010 - The words of the year :

    • Words of the year - interactive
      "A data analysis of words printed in The Wall Street Journal reveals a trove of intriguing terms that starred in 2010 but could barely wriggle their way into 2009 coverage. Luge, robo-signer, Tamaulipas and jeggings registered spikes in usage."

      Pat down

    • The words of the year (Wikipedia)

    • 2010 - The Words of the Year : Vuvuzela / Refudiate / Belieber / ...



Conseils :


  • How To Learn English! Here are some tips which may help you to master the English Language! (world-english)
  • Voyages scolaires
    Fiches pratiques à l'intention des élèves qui font un séjour en pays anglophone ...
    (Ac. montpellier)


Consignes :