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(Updated on 16/09/2011)


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INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • English Words For City Places and Things with pictures + interactive quizzes (

  • What were they doing?
    "Watch this mural carefully then play the 2 games."

    Created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)

    "In the 30s, The United States government, through the Works Progress Administration, commissioned artists across the country to paint murals on public buildings, such as post offices and libraries. This one can be seen in San Francisco" :


  • Interactive Book - UPDATED : Common Shops and Places in Town
    Created by Laurence HAQUET (Ac. Rouen)
    Visit her BLOG

  • "The High Street" - "The principal street of a small British town is called "The High Street".
    Let's see what you find there. There are 6 activities including two fun songs , 2 videos and a story."

    "Ces activités s'adressent aux 6/5èmes et permettent de rebrasser vocabulaire
    et grammaire de base sur fond de civilisation en vue d'un voyage en GB
    par exemple."

    Activities created by Renée Maufroid.


  • Places in town - interactive exercise
    (Françoise PEYRISSAT - Ac. Clermont-Ferrand)


  • Places around town - 25 questions (
    ex : "She's filling her tank with gasoline and checking the air in her tires. She is at the ... "

  • Town and country (British Council)
    "Take a look at the article, cartoon, poll, word games, poems, trivia and links."


  • The city mouse and the country mouse - Activity created by Renée Maufroid

  • Have fun! Enjoy the games and learn English (R. Maufroid) : Towns and Places

  • City Creator (
    - Build your city (different city types - buildings - roofs - people / vehicles - Roads / walkways)
    - On pourrait, par exemple, donner des instructions pour la construction de la ville en utilisant différentes prépositions.

  • Places around town - 25 questions - (a4esl)
    ex : "She's filling her tank with gasoline and checking the air in her tires. She is at the ... "

  • Town 1 - Trouvez la bonne traduction.
    ( + Town 2 )
    - (skyblues67)

  • Places - Buildings - exercice de vocabulaire (avec images) - (


  • Place names - ex : "If you want to see monkeys, lions, tigers and bears, you would go to the ___." (
  • The town - Matching exercise (with a map) :
    "It's between the park and the drug store. - Choose the correct answer." (adrmoser)

  • Directions : Where is the park ? (with a map)
    "Read each dialogue. Find the place they are talking about on the map and write the letter from the map and the name of the place." (adrmoser)

  • Directions - "Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs." (Michel Barbot)

  • Street map - "Select the correct preposition from the drop-down menu." (Michel Barbot)

  • The City - The Map Game - Il faut retrouver les lieux indiqués sur la carte. (

  • Find the missing buildings - (The Bus Stop)
    "Read the sentences and click on the map to find the missing buildings." (révision des prépositions)

  • Cities - a quiz (BBC)

  • Some towns in America - multiple choice exercise - interactive (Ac. Caen)

  • Places - ex : "They are pulling down all those buildings to build a new ___________.
    a) parking b) letter box c) car park d) car place"

  • At the Tourist Information - Welcome to Cheltenham Spa - Gap-Fill Exercise:
    "complete the text with the words given in the box." (

  • John's Life - A Verb-Form Exercise - (city / country)
    "Read the text carefully and change the verbs to the correct form." (a4esl)