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Child labour



Facts :

  • History explorer: Life in the Victorian workhouse
    "Dr Samantha Shave and Charlotte Hodgman visit Weaver Hall Museum in Cheshire, a former workhouse and place of last resort for the destitute…"

  • From tartan to tippling: the A to Z of things two queens have in common
    "On Wednesday the Queen takes the mantle of Britain’s longest-serving monarch from her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, and here we compare their reigns."


  • Queen Victoria archive goes online - 22 April 2012
    "Rarely seen documents chronicling the life and reign of Queen Victoria have been made public on a new website marking this year's Diamond Jubilee.
    The Royal Family released its archive of letters, journals, painting and photographs for the launch.
    The website has nine sections tracing the life of Victoria as a princess to her own Jubilee celebrations in 1897..."



  • In Queen Victoria’s glorious footsteps
    "When the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee in June she will face fewer diplomatic dilemmas than her great-great grandmother, the empress of India...."






  • HISTORY : The Victorians (
    - with PowerPoint Presentations , WORD and PDF documents

  • The 1900 House (PBS)
    Travel back in time - from to the Information Age to the Victorian era
    Take the Virtual Tour.
    - Suggestion : Introduire 'used to' et comparer avec l'époque actuelle.


  • Victorians - Child Labour : Work / School / Play (BBC)
    (Learning - Games - Worksheets)

  • Jack the Ripper - a casebook :
    Victims, Suspects, Witnesses, Ripper Letters, Police Officials, Official Documents, Press Reports and Victorian London.



Listening :


PowerPoint Presentations :

  • The Victorian Era - Free Presentations in PowerPoint format (




Activities :



  • Victorians - Child Labour : Work / School / Play
    (Learning - Games - Worksheets) - (BBC)

  • Child labour - The Victorians (text with symbols) - (symbolworld)


Webquests :


  • The Pre-Raphaelites - une webquest préparée par Francis HENNE pour 4ème europe
    Objectifs : civilisation, recherche sur la période victorienne.


Games :

  • "Walk through a victorian house" - interactive game
    "Travel back in time to 1870 and help Ruby and Michael look for their missing dog Sam."



  • Mind Your Manners! - a game (
    The Victorian Period
    "Adopt the role of a late 19th century character...
    and try to earn your place in a world where every move is governed by the rules of etiquette."


  • Victorians - Child Labour : Work / School / Play
    (Learning - Games - Worksheets)



Movies :


Videos :