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Ways of walking - WAYS of SPEAKING

Chores - Ways of looking + Impressions

Look - See - Watch

MAKE or DO ? - Listen or Hear ?
Remember - Remind - Recall - Recollect

and in grammar : Phrasal verbs + Irregular verbs + Reported speech

VERBS, MOODS, TENSES, ... + verbs, nouns, etc to identify



Activities TO PRINT :

  • A simple schedule chart (
    "Example of a simple schedule chart with space to put in activities or whatever,
    either on the chart, or have velcro there to receive symbols on velcro that may change."

    - with an "Example of an English set of verbs that you could laminate, cut up, use for language activities."


  • Verbs - (

    "sheets to give students a greater vocabulary base
    with which to communicate from."

    Argue - Buy - Dream - Fly - Hide - Hold - Lift - Like - Look At - Look For - Make - Pick - Play - Play With - Protect - Ride - Run Away - Scratch - Sell - Send - Smell - Take - Talk - Think - Wear

  • Different Ways to Say Something ( - to print
    "There are a lot of ways that add extra information to refine how we report speech."
    ex : He yelled / She bragged / She whispered...


  • Ways of Walking (

    "A vocabulary exercise based on situations from The Maltese Falcon

    - Use the context provided below to choose the correct verb for each sentence.
    Note that the situations are in the past.
    crawl, trip, dash, trudge, slip, creep, limp, stagger, wander, stroll, march"





  • Simon Sez Santa
    Tell him what you want him to do and, chances are, he'll do it...



Games TO PRINT :

  • My chores - crosswords to print (


Lesson plans :



  • WANT TO - PowerPoint Presentation + Utilisation du présent simple
    sent by CÚline Kautz (Ac. Nancy-Metz)


  • WANT TO - PowerPoint Presentation + How to suggest
    sent by CÚline Kautz (Ac. Nancy-Metz)


  • The daily routines of monsters, zombies, ghosts and aliens - a lesson plan - UPDATED
    - Practise third person -s
    - Practise talking and writing about routines
    - Practise saying and writing common action verbs
    - Practise making questions about days, times and routines
    - Make a poster"


A rebus rhyme :


Songs :

  • The Mom Song - With Lyrics (YouTube) - UPDATED
    - the LYRICS
    "Get up now
    Get up out of bed
    Wash your face
    Brush your teeth
    Comb your sleepy head"


  • "5 Senses" by the Blankies

    "Start the auto slideshow, listen to the song and do the activity."
    Activity created by Renée Maufroid.


  • Add some salt and pepper ( - UPDATED
    - Download MP3 and script

  • Hush by Craig Morgan :
    "Mama makes breakfast, packs the kids' lunch
    And sends them on their way
    She cleans up the kitchen, makes all the beds
    Then loads up her TV tray"

  • She bangs by William Hung :
    "'Cause she walks like she talks
    And she talks like she walks...
    I go crazy 'cause she
    Looks like a flower
    she stings like a bee...
    if it looks like love..."
  • Real To Me by Brian McFadden :
    "Picnics in the garden, and the children they can play
    The first day of that summer,
    And I laze here all the day,
    Then we'll invite the family round and drink some English tea
    Then I raise up my finger,
    And watch football on T.V.
    Now that's what real to me...
    Wake up you might be dreaming"
  • Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden :
    "I want to stand with you on a mountain.
    I want to bathe with you in the sea.
    I want to lay like this forever."

Cartoons :



  • RedEye - chores (
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    (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille normale.)


Videos :


  • TO WANT :

    • New York New York - Frank SINATRA (YouTube) - UPDATED
      - the lyrics :
      "I want to be a part of it - new york, new york...
      I wanna wake up in a city, that doesnt sleep"



    • I Don't Want To Grow Up sung by The Ramones :
      "I don't want my hair to fall out
      I don't wanna to be filled with doubt
      I don't wanna to be a good boy scout
      I don't wanna to have to learn to count..."

      - the VIDEO
      (YouTube) - UPDATED