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Facts :



  • EU Referendum - Articles + Videos

  • What is the European Union? - 9 June 2016
    "Before considering whether Britain should leave the EU, it’s important to understand what it is – and what it isn’t."







  • Dante to dialects: EU's online renaissance
    "Site recording centuries of culture crashes with 10m hits an hour on launch day...
    The EU yesterday launched the prototype of Europeana, its bold project to digitise millions of books, artworks, manuscripts, maps, objects
    and films from the most important libraries, museums and archives, and provide them free to download from one website."

    + A video that takes a trip through the kind of thing you can find on Europeana

    (See Lesson plans)


Vocabulary :

  • EU jargon: A-Z guide to Brussels-speak - 12 April 2016
    "Confused by all the Brussels-speak in the news? Here's a glossary to demystify commonly-used EU jargon words and acronyms."

    For example:
    "Brexit: Short for Britain and exit - used to describe the scenario if the UK votes to leave the EU. Apparently derived from "Grexit" - the popular term for a possible Greek exit from the euro."



INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • The European Union (Isabel Perez) -
    "Write the name of the European Country that corresponds to each of the numbers (on the map)"


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Cartoons :


Cartoon: New E.U. Flag - 27 February 2016
THE CARTOON + EXPLANATION + Related articles



Cartoons: Europe's Nobel Peace Prize
"The decision to award this year’s 
Nobel Peace Prize
 to the 
European Union for its role in promoting
peace and democracy
over the last sixty years has been met
with a mixture of surprise and bafflement..."



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Videos :



  • EU summit: Two key things on the agenda at the summit - VIDEO - 18 December 2015
    "EU leaders are meeting in Brussels and unsurprisingly there is a lot on the agenda.
    British Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing for a reform of the union. Security is also a major issue.
    And another key talking point is the migrant crisis.
    Over a million migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe in the past 12 months in the largest movement the continent has seen since the end of World War II.
    The BBC's Chris Morris has been looking at all of the issues being discussed."


  • A Short Explanation of the European Union - with videos (

  • What is the EU? (YouTube)