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(Updated on 13/06/2016)


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Vocabulary :

  • School uniform (Wikipedia)
    1 School dress codes vs. school uniforms
    2 Use according to country
    3 Efficiency
    4 Laws and rulings against school uniforms
    5 References
    6 Notes
    "Wearing the school uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in and identify with, the school
    and at the same time minimises social divisions between pupils."


  • School Uniform - Description
    "BLACK TROUSERS should be uniform style and not have pockets along the length of the leg.
    They should be worn around the waist. Only one pair to be worn at a time. No jeans or canvas trousers..."


  • Academic dress (Wikipedia)


Cliparts and Photos : From the film : Dead Poets Society (1989)




  • Clothing Styles (
    Girls' Styles - Boys' Styles - Gym Wear Styles - Fabric Swatches



Facts :

  • For sale: one uniform to dress them all - 11 January 2015
    "A new, generic school uniform range is being touted as a way to help parents reduce the cost of kids going back to class..."




  • School uniform (CBBC)
    Who picks the uniform?
    Making you wear it
    Getting into trouble
    How do I complain?
    Who has the strangest uniform?





  • Academic dress (Wikipedia)
    1 British academic dress : 1.1 The gown / 1.2 The cap / 1.3 The hood / 1.4 Dress and Undress
    2 United States : 2.1 Opposition to academic attire / 2.2 Inter-Collegiate colors
    3 See also
    4 External links



Conversation questions :


Listening :

  • ** Albert : school uniforms ** par  Albert (Oxford, England) - 3 mai 2011
    Albert gives his opinion about school uniforms in England. He is for uniforms at school.



Lesson plans :

  • Oxford University changes gender dress code (July 30, 2012) - a lesson plan with audio
    "For centuries, students at Britain's Oxford University had to stick to a dress code regarding who wore suits and who wore skirts.
    This will all change on August 4. Women can attend formal events and exams in a suit and bow tie and men can wear a skirt, blouse and stockings."



Webquests :

  • Kids in British Schools (Recherches sur internet à l'aide de Worksheets) :
    Task 9: School uniform / dress codes / hair-styles
    (Jürgen Wagner)


Cartoons :


Songs :

  • School Uniform - The Pipettes (You Tube) :
    "I like a boy in uniform (school uniform)..."
    the lyrics (


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