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Information :

Climate Change Conference in Poznań
Copenhagen climate summit
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
EU, UN & Commonwealth
George Clooney named UN "Messenger of Peace"
Guide to United Nations
How the UN works

Inside the UN's headquarters – in pictures
International Comparisons

Session of UN General Assembly (70th)
The United Nations: An Introduction for Students

UN backs action against Gaddafi
UN forecasts boom in 'green jobs'
UN marks 20 years of Convention on Rights of the Child
UN sets up food crisis task force
UN turns 70
UNESCO - Portal
UNICEF (Wikipedia)
United Nations
United Nations member states
United Nations Multimedia
United Nations System


  • UN turns 70 - Article + Video - 23 October 2015


  • Inside the UN's headquarters – in pictures
    "As leaders from almost 200 countries gather for the UN’s annual general assembly, Reuters photographer Mike Segar documented
    quieter moments at the intergovernmental organisation’s 7-hectare headquarters on Manhattan’s East Side, New York."

  • UN backs action against Gaddafi
    "The UN Security Council backs a resolution on Libya that supports a no-fly zone and "all necessary measures" to protect civilians short of an invasion... Meeting in New York, the 15-member body voted 10-0 in favour, with five abstentions."

  • UN marks 20 years of Convention on Rights of the Child
    "Ceremonies are taking place around the world to mark the 20th anniversary of a landmark agreement protecting children.
    The UN says the Convention on the Rights of the Child has transformed the way children are treated.
    But it says a billion children in the world still go without food, shelter or healthcare and that millions are facing lives of poverty and abuse."

  • The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznań, 1-12 December 2008
    "The 14th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and the 4th meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol will draw almost 11000 participants, including government delegates from the 187 Parties to the UNFCCC and representatives from business and industry.
    The two-week meeting is the halfway mark in the negotiations on an ambitious and effective international climate change deal to be clinched in Copenhagen in 2009. Parties have little more than a year to agree on strengthened action on mitigation, adaptation, finance and technology..."

    + VIDEOS


  • Insight Plus - Part 16 : The United Nations has a central role in international politics.
    But how many of us really understand how the UN works?

  • UN forecasts boom in 'green jobs'
    "The UN says millions of new jobs will be created worldwide over the next few decades by the development of alternative energy technologies...
    It says "green jobs" depend on a shift of subsidies from oil and natural gas to wind, solar, and geothermal power.
    New jobs could also include the expansion of recycling and making environmentally friendly vehicles.


  • UN sets up food crisis task force
    "The United Nations is to set up a task force to tackle the global food crisis...
    The UN believes 100 million people are going short of food, and the World Food Programme says it will need an extra $755m (380m) this year to cope with the rising number of people it needs to feed. "

    + VIDEO : Global rice supply
    "Raids on hoarders, aerial planting and other snapshots from around the world."


  • George Clooney named UN "Messenger of Peace"


  • Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Wikipedia)
    "The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly during its 61st session at UN Headquarters in New York City on 13 September 2007...
    The UN describes it as setting "an important standard for the treatment of indigenous peoples that will undoubtedly be a significant tool towards eliminating human rights violations against the planet's 370 million indigenous people and assisting them in combating discrimination
    and marginalisation."

    1 Purpose
    2 Negotiation and ratification
    3 Reaction

    3.1 Praise 3.2 Criticism 3.2.1 Australia 3.2.2 Canada
    3.2.3 New Zealand 3.2.4 United States
    4 References
    5 External links

  • Guide to United Nations (CBBC)

    What is the UN?
    What does it do?
    What is a resolution?
    Who are the Security Council?
    What is a veto?
    Who's in charge?
    Where is it based?
    What is Unicef?
    What is the UNHCR?

  • United Nations (Wikipedia)
    1 Aims
    2 History
    3 Membership
    4 Headquarters
    5 Financing
    6 Languages
    7 Organizational structure

    7.1 General Assembly 7.2 Security Council 7.3 Economic and Social Council 7.4 Secretariat 7.5 International Court of Justice
    8 Secretary General 8.1 List of Secretary Gererals
    9 Activities 9.1 Conferences 9.2 UN International Observances
    10 Peace and security
    10.1 Peacekeeping 10.1.1 Assessments 10.2 Successes in security issues 10.3 Failures in security issues 10.4 Peace enforcement
    11 Human rights and Humanitarian Assistance
    11.1 Human Rights Council 11.2 Inaction on genocide and human rights 11.3 Humanitarian assistance
    12 Social and Economic Development 12.1 International development 12.2 Millennium Development Goals
    13 Reform 13.1 Bureaucracy 13.2 Oil-for-Food Programme 13.3 Reform programme
    14 Personnel policy
    15 Model United Nations
    16 Specialized Organizations...
  • United Nations member states (Wikipedia)
    1 Current members
    2 Former members

    2.1 Czechoslovakia 2.2 East Germany and West Germany 2.3 Tanganyika and Zanzibar 2.4 United Arab Republic 2.5 USSR
    2.6 North and South Yemen 2.7 Yugoslavia
    3 Seat of China 3.1 Bids for membership by Taiwan
    4 Observers and non-members
    5 Naming conventions and notes...
  • United Nations Multimedia (
    "This site is the news and media service site of the United Nations.
    It reports on topics of broad global interest such as military conflicts in the Middle East, economic development and humanitarian aid...
    The UN has a large collection of radio programs, videos, Webcasts, and photographs." (Education World)


  • United Nations Cyberschoolbus - International Comparisons ( : - UPDATED
    Infonation allows you to view and compare statistical data for all UN member states.
    You can select up to five countries for comparison from the menu."
    (The Educators Network)


  • UNESCO (Wikipedia)
    "(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is a specialized agency of the United Nations established in 1945."
    1 Structure
    2 Controversy and reform
    3 Activities
    4 Prizes, awards and medals
    5 Postage Stamps
    6 Directors General
    7 Locations...
  • UNESCO - Portal (
  • UNICEF (Wikipedia)
    "The United Nations Children's Fund (or UNICEF) was created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946 to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent part of the UN System and its name was shortened from the original United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund but it has continued to be known by the popular acronym based on this old name. Headquartered in New York City, UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries..."
    1 Priorities 1.1 Education 1.2 Immunization plus 1.3 Child protection and well-being 1.4 HIV/AIDS 1.5 Early childhood
    2 Structure of the organization
    3 The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
    4 Public perception
    4.1 Employment policy 4.2 Sponsorship 4.3 Trick-or-Treat UNICEF box 4.4 Art in All of Us
    5 See also
    6 External links
    6.1 UNICEF Field Office Websites
    7 References and notes



Charter :



Headquarters :

  • United Nations Headquarters (Wikipedia)
    1 Planning and construction 1.1 Proposed alternatives
    2 International character
    3 Structures 3.1 Art at the United Nations 3.2 Other buildings 3.3 Renovation plans
    4 Depictions in popular culture
    5 Public gatherings...


  • United Nations (
    - Cutaway of Security Council, General Assembly and Ecomonic and Social Council of UN complex, Manhattan.



Maps :



Vocabulary :


Listening :

  • Chinese Model at UN Shows Shift in Ivory Politics - Text + Audio - 28 October 2015
    "The ivory trade was doing well in the 1970s, when over 400 artists created a 150-kilogram sculpture from eight elephant tusks.
    The U.N. displayed the sculpture for many years. But today, many see the sculpture as a symbol
    for Africa’s decreased elephant population and conflict over the ivory trade."


    Chinese Model Railroad, Carved of Ivory, at a Crossroads - 20 October 2015
    "An intricately carved model of China’s Chengdu-Kunming Railroad bridge graced the United Nations' New York headquarters
    for nearly four decades, until renovation of its General Assembly began in 2013 and the sculpture was removed for safekeeping."




INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Quiz - The United Nations (
    "How much do you know about the United Nations? Did you know that its primary purpose is to maintain international peace and security?
    Test your knowledge and take this quiz."
  • Quiz - United Nations Peacekeeping Missions (
    "The major purpose of the founding of the United Nations in 1945 was 'to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war'.
    In order to achieve this end, the UN has mandated 59 Peacekeeping Operations between 1948 and 2005."



Activities TO PRINT :



Lesson plans :


  • United Nations
    "Practise your English while you learn about the United Nations.
    Have a look at the article, story, cartoon, word games, trivia and links."

    (British Council)



Webquests :

  • Meet the Millennium - A United Nations Webquest (
    "Throughout history, global problems have posed major challenges for nations and regions.  These global problems include environmental pollution, overpopulation, refugees, spread of disease, international drug trafficking, and ethnic conflicts.  Governments and organizations such as the United Nations recognize these global challenges and are currently working together to eliminate  these problems..."




  • Against All Odds - interactive
    A game that lets you experience what it is like to be a refugee

    (UNHCR -



Cartoons :



Videos :

  • The 12 Year Old Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes
    at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - Rio de Janeiro 3-14 June 1992
    "What is wrong with the world these days? Listen to what she says and she is only 12 years old. We need to make a change! "



  • World leaders attend 70th session of UN General Assembly - VIDEO - 28 September 2015
    "World leaders are in New York for the first day of the UN General Assembly.
    It is the 70th session of the annual gathering of global powers.
    The refugee crisis in Europe, conflict in the Middle East and the Iran nuclear deal will all be discussed."

  • Global Goals: 'End poverty' - and 16 more UN goals - VIDEO - 24 September 2015
    "Ending poverty is one of 17 goals outlined by the UN to replace the Millennium Development Goals which expire this year.
    Naomi Grimley outlines the 'Global Goals' - in 75 seconds."


  • United Nations
    "In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to the organization that tries to keep that world safe for everyone - the United Nations. You'll find out what the UN does, what its ideals are, and when it was formed.
    You'll also learn why the League of Nations failed, and how that failure lead to the charter of the UN.
    See just how many nations are in the UN, what the general assembly is, and how a nation can become a part of the UN.
    You'll also find out four ways the UN can help developing countries, who heads the organization, and how the UN manages to do its job effectively. Peace and cooperation are the way to go!"
    Si le lien direct ne fonctionne pas, cliquer ici , puis sur "SOCIAL STUDIES"