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  • School orders parents to buy their children a £600 iPad2
    - Longfield Academy claims it will inspire pupils to learn
    - Experts warn it will lead to an increase in the number of children viewing porn...
    The move by Longfield, a school for pupils aged 11 to 18, is the first of its kind in England, but hundreds of schools could follow suit as it has been revealed that some 500 are poised to adopt a similar scheme with digital education charity, e-learning Foundation."



    School reprimands seven-year-old boys for playing 'army game' in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
    "A primary school has been condemned by parents for disciplining two seven-year-old boys after teachers ruled playing army games amounted to "threatening behaviour"...
    Staff ... reprimanded the two boys after they were seen making pistol shapes with their fingers."
    The school said "the gun gestures were “unacceptable” and were not permitted at school."



  • Teachers to strike over pupils' bad behaviour - ACCES PAR MOT DE PASSE
    "The teachers say pupil behaviour has become impossible to deal with and that students are pushing them, challenging them to fights, and threatening to film their lessons and post them online."



  • Teachers 'lack violence training'
    "A union calls for compulsory training on dealing with violence in class as a study suggests new teachers are ill-prepared...
    Guidance by the Department for Children, Schools and Families lists the types of force teachers can use on children.
    This can include passive physical contact such as blocking a pupil's path and active contact such as leading a pupil by the hand or arm.
    In more extreme circumstances, "appropriate restrictive holds, which may require specific expertise or training", may be used, it says."

  • Curriculum for 'changing society'
    "An updated secondary school curriculum, offering skills and languages relevant to modern learners, has been announced.
    It will give pupils "social and cultural flexibility" and a "feeling for justice and fairness", says the QCA curriculum watchdog.

    + a VIDEO : Pupils will be taught modern subjects (BBC)


  • Pupils 'to take allegiance oath'
    "School-leavers are to be encouraged to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen under new government proposals being unveiled on British citizenship."

  • Northbourne Park School - a photo gallery
    It "is one the leading independent prep schools in Kent offering nursery, day and boarding facilities to girls and boys aged from 3-13."







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Clothes :

  • Academic dress (Wikipedia)
    1 British academic dress : 1.1 The gown / 1.2 The cap / 1.3 The hood / 1.4 Dress and Undress
    2 United States : 2.1 Opposition to academic attire / 2.2 Inter-Collegiate colors
    3 See also
    4 External links



Hairstyle :

  • Sorry, you can't come to school like THAT: Haircut that was 'too extreme' for the classroom.
    "He's been told he can't go back to class until he shaved his mop off or waited for the patterns to grow out...
    The advice which the council gives to schools is that they should follow national guidance, which is "pupils should not be excluded for breaches of
    school uniform rules or rules on appearance (for example, relating to jewellery, body- piercing, hairstyles etc) except where these are persistent
    and in open defiance of such rules".



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Webquests :

  • Kids in British Schools (Jürgen Wagner)
    It "consists of 10 self-contained tasks that highlight various aspects of British school life."

    School life in an English school -
    Truancy & Term-time Holidays -
    Bullying -
    Mobile phones -
    Independent schools -
    Healthy Living -
    Texting -
    School in Victorian Britain -
    School uniform / dress codes / hair-styles -

Child labour :

  • Victorians - Child Labour : Work / School / Play (Learning - Games - Worksheets) - (BBC)



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