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Dictionaries :


Photos and Postcards :


  • CastleXplorer
    "Find all the castles in a region by using" an interactive map or "using the alphabetical list of castles."


  • Photos ( :
    Photos of North England - Photos of South England - Photos of South West England - Photos of Houses in England - Photos of Shops in England

Facts :

Activities :

  • UK - Fiche à l’attention de classes de segpa et/ou 6°
    Créée par Cécile Jeanneau (Ac. Bordeaux)

  • British at Heart
    "How many British icons do you recognize in Tom Trager's neat British At Heart design?"



  • The United Kingdom: A worksheet - UPDATED
    This is a worksheet for teaching or revising information about England, Great Britain and the UK, usually confused.
    Pupils have to look at a map and fill in a grid. They learn about the names of the countries, the capital cities and the symbols.
    They can also colour the flags.

    Created by Isabelle Boresy (Ac. Amiens)


  • Saxon Place Names
    "When settlers came to Britain, they built villages and towns and gave them names.
    Use your maps of Sussex and East Anglia to find places with the endings below in them..."



  • Britain and the British - interactive exercise
    ex : What is a double-decker?
    a. A bus
    b. A disco
    c. A taxi

  • Can you pass a citizenship test? (BBC)
    "The government is launching the citizenship test for foreigners who want to become British. If you want the passport, then you'll have to read Life in the UK, a special book, and sit a 45-minute test on society, history and culture..."


  • ICONS - a portrait of England (
    "On these pages you can explore our icons.
    Their stories are told with words and pictures, with sound and film and 3D imaging.
    You'll also find surprising ideas for things to make and do, places to go and even the occasional icon-related recipe..."


  • Our trip to England in 6 activities prepared by the 3 Euro :
    - Oxford: The University of Christ Church - Hampton Court
    - Shakespeare's life - Shakespeare's work - Shakespeare's time - The Globe
    (Renée Maufroid)


  • Hot Potatoes Exercises : The English speaking world (33 exercises) - (Michel Barbot)

  • UK Quiz : How much do you know about the United Kingdom? (
    (10 questions - langue simple)

  • TRUE OR FALSE FACTS ABOUT BRITISH LIFE (interactive) - (Isabel Perez)

  • British Culture - questions - "Learn about England and its culture from children who live there."
  • UK icons - (British Council)

    "At the bottom are 9 things typical of the UK.
    Above are words associated with them.
    Can you put the words in the right boxes?"


Lesson plans :

  • Une séquence de 2 heures pour 6 groupes de niveaux portant sur la découverte de quelques faits culturels
    sur les Iles Britanniques et Londres pour A1/A1+.
    par Cyril Dussuchaud (Académie de Limoges)

  • Rants and Raves - Queuing - a lesson
    "This activity provides short listening practice based around a monologue regarding queuing etiquette in the UK.
    The monologue provides observations of queuing.
     In this lesson, students will listen to a monologue about a persons reflection of queuing etiquette in the UK.
    They will match adjectives to synonyms and antonyms and complete a listening comprehension activity.
    There are also suggestions for developing the theme of queuing to practise specific areas of grammar." 
    Time: 30 minutes plus time for developing the theme.
    + Podcast - talking about queuing


  • Living in the UK - a lesson plan
    "This lesson plan for teachers of teenage and adult students at intermediate level and above is based on the theme of the UK.
    Students will develop the ability to read and assimilate information from various sources..."


  • Destination - England
    "This lesson gives students the opportunity to find out more about England.
    It is one of a collection of four Destination UK lesson plans that look at the four countries that make up the UK.
    They will have the chance to read about England and find out a little about its people, culture and icons."


    Level: Intermediate and above
    Timing: 60-90 mins

    - To develop all four communications skills
    - To revise language of describing places

  • How much have the British changed? - a lesson
    You are going to :
    - watch a video and read about recent changes in British social attitudes on marriage, relationships, religion and welfare
    - practise numbers, percentages, fractions, the language of graphs and statistics
    - listen to people giving opinions



  • What's the Black Country? - a lesson by Nik Peachey 
    "In the lesson, students have the chance to listen to someone from that area describing what they like about living there and a little about their life. Students also have the chance to reflect on their own part of the world and finally to do some intensive listening."






  • Where to next ?
    - "an interactive game that takes its users on a tour of six locations in Britain and Ireland...
    Travel round the British Isles in this audio quiz."



Webquests :

  • Webquests UK (
    "A collection of quests for French speakers who want to exercise their English."
  • Living in the UK - a webquest (BBC) - UPDATED
    Level: Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
    " In this lesson, learners read about the different countries of the UK, either online as a webquest or in paper form.
    They practise reading for specific information, and guessing the meaning of words from the context,
    both important reading micro-skills. There is an optional extension in the form of a role-play,
    in which groups of learners compete to persuade a professional couple to move to 'their' UK country."

  • About the United Kingdom - niveau 6ème (Valérie Nagel - Académie de Reims : Chaumont 52)
    - webquest conçue à partir de celle de Michelle Henry du même nom, avec une recherche sur Londres.
    Objectifs : "entraînement en vue de la validation du B2i niveau 1
    et objectif culturel : connaissance du Royaume-Uni"

    - with Crosswords (proposés par Michelle Henry)


  • London webquest with Teacher's Notes (
    with Dickens, a listening exercise featuring the voice of Virginia Woolf and some lighter material with ghosts and dungeons.


Movie clips / Videos :

  • Brexit Britain: The street with a dozen words for hello - VIDEO - 4 September 2016
    "Leicester's Narborough Road is one of the most cosmopolitan in Britain, according to the London School of Economics...
    Because of its thriving multiculturalism, most businesses on Narborough Road said they do not think Brexit will have any impact on their way of life or the local economy. "


  • Stephen Fry welcomes you to Heathrow - #UKGuide
    "To showcase the unique, eclectic culture of modern Britain, we’ve teamed up with British Icon, Stephen Fry, to welcome arriving passengers to the UK! We’re not all red phone boxes and cucumber sandwiches on the lawn…"



  • Links between our landscape and literature
    "From the London suburbs, through the rolling Cotswolds, and out to the rugged coastline of western Scotland - the UK's landscape has influenced authors for centuries.
    In turn, their literary works have helped define how we think of Britain both culturally and geographically..."


  • T-Mobile What Britain Loves
    "Watch as some of the weird and wonderful things Britain loves come together to celebrate another thing Britain loves
    - a bargain in the form of the Full Monty Plan." 




  • Moving History (
    "This research guide to the United Kingdom s twelve public sector moving image archives presents
    detailed information on these fascinating and valuable film and television collections...
    The site includes: - sections describing each of the film archive collections and providing details on access
    - over 100 selected film clips to browse by theme or by archive
    - guidelines for research and examples of past research
    - links and contact points for further information."