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(Updated on 14/03/2016)


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Vocabulary :

  • Subway
    (Encyclopaedia Britannica)


Facts :

  • How Tube stations got their unusual names
    Some (stations) seem suited better to a medieval fantasy (Knightsbridge, Queensway) or a children’s book (Piccadilly Circus, Elephant & Castle)
    – and others still make Londoners giggle (Shepherd’s Bush, Cockfosters)...
    We’ve chosen 10 of our favourites to find out where their names really come from."

  • Tube planner "can help you plan your journey on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR)."
    + information about stations...

    "We'll even let you know if there are any places of interest nearby (with links), and provide a map of the surrounding area to help you continue on your journey."

Maps :

New York City Subway Map

London Tube Map


Pictures : (Gloucester Road tube station in Kensington, west London)


World’s most beautiful Metro stations

- with pictures - 24 June 2014


Subway Art Guide - New York City


Animals on the Underground Map
"is a collection of over 20 animal characters made using only lines, stations and interchange symbols on the London Underground map, created by illustrator Paul Middlewick in 1988. In 2003, the concept was used in a poster campaign by advertising agency McCann-Erickson to promote the London Zoo."

Come and meet the animals!

London Underground

Platform Mural



Tube carriage and other photos

Belt conveyor


Passengers in the carriages of the Tube



Cliparts :





Metro station (cross section)



Metro station

tube train(s) / underground train

Listen to the pronunciation.


3 people in a subway car


INTERACTIVE activities :


Activities TO PRINT :

  • Tube Crash - text with symbols
    Imprimer les images et faire retrouver les phrases.
    (Symbol World)


Lesson plans :

  • The London Underground - a lesson - Intermediate English listening - Watch a video and practise listening. + activities

  • London Subway Passengers Stressed Out
    "Overcrowding was the biggest cause of discomfort...
    At the busiest times, there are four people per square metre packed onto the train."
    - a lesson plan
    WARM-UPS :



Humour :


Cartoons :


Songs :


Videos :


  • NYC Subway Etiquette
    "Anyone who relies on the subway system in NYC knows there are plenty of unwritten rules concerning conduct and etiquette..."




Cinema : (Underground station in Aeon Flux)