A military ceremony held on a Saturday in June


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  • Trooping the Colour 2008 (
    "Each year, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Horse Guards Parade in London. The Queen attends the ceremony to take the salute from thousands of guardsmen who parade the Queen's Colour (flag)..."

  • One Queen, Two Birthdays
    "The Queen celebrates her actual birthday on 21 April.
    She also celebrates her official birthday on either the first or the second, and sometimes the third, Saturday in June..."
  • Trooping the Colour (Wikipedia)
    "Trooping the Colour is a military ceremony performed by regiments of the Commonwealth and the British Army.
    It has been a tradition of British infantry regiments for centuries and it was first performed during the reign of Charles II.
    Since 1805 the ceremony has been carried out on the British Sovereign's birthday, which since King George VI has been regularly held on a Saturday in June."

    1 The Sovereign's Official Birthday
    2 The ceremony

    2.1 March On 2.2 Arrival of the Sovereign 2.3 Inspection of the Line 2.4 Massed Bands Troop 2.5 Drummer's Call and Formation of 'Escort For the Colour'
    2.6 'Escort for the Colour' obtains the Colour 2.7 Trooping the Colour 2.8 Form Divisions 2.9 Foot Guards March Past in Slow and Quick Time
    2.10 Mounted Troops March Past 2.11 Marching Off
    3 After the ceremony
    4 Regimental Marches of the Foot Guards
    4.1 Slow Marches 4.2 Quick Marches
    5 Definition list 5.1 List of regiments trooping the colour
    6 Canada 6.1 List of regiments trooping the colour in Canada
    7 References 7.1 Notes 7.2 Bibliography
    8 External links
  • Trooping the Colour (
    Ceremonial Home Page - Trooping Home Page - History - March On - The Inspection of the Line - The Massed Bands Troop -
    The Trooping of the Colour - The March Past of the Footguards - The Walk and Trot Past of the Mounted Guards -
    The return to Buckingham Palace - Trooping the Colour information...


  • Trooping the Colour ( - UPDATED
    "The official birthday of the Sovereign is marked each year by a military parade and march-past, known as Trooping the Colour.
    It takes place each June on Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, in front of crowds of onlookers and is enjoyed by millions world-wide..."


  • Horse Guards Parade - Whitehall, Westminster, London
    "Horse Guards Parade is the setting for various military ceremonies throughout the year.
    It was the traditional entrance to the Royal Palaces and is still guarded by mounted sentries from the Queen's Household Cavalry."
    + Trooping the Colour



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  • Queen's Official Birthday - mp3 + script
    "In this programme we look at the history of the Queen's official birthday and its connection with the military ceremony of Trooping the Colour."



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