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Cosmetic surgery


Vocabulary :

  • Tattoo - Meanings and definitions
  • Piercing - Meanings and definitions
  • Tattoo Slang
    "There are a lot of slang terms you will hear in and outside the tattoo shop. Some of them are primarily used by tattoo artists to describe their experiences, and some are used by enthusiasts as slang terms for their tattoos."


Facts :

  • The stigmatised art of tattooing in Japan - in pictures - 2 January 2019
    "The country’s ban on tattoos was lifted in 1948, but suspicion and their association with yakuza mobsters continues.
    Tattoo artists have faced legal battles and people with body ink are often refused entry to public amenities"


  • London's International Tattoo Festival – in pictures - 25 September 2017
    "The 13th annual International London Tattoo Convention, which showed off the best of eastern and western styles, took place at Tobacco Dock in the East End of London at the weekend."








  • The rise of the text tattoo - 30 September 2013
    "It probably wasn't on Shakespeare's radar that his work would one day unite Megan Fox, Danielle Lineker and Lindsay Lohan.
    But it has - they all have Shakespeare quotations tattooed on their bodies. Why are more people getting such high-brow inkings?"

  • Indonesian police shave rockers' hair to 'spiritually cleanse' them - 15 December 2011
    "Police in Indonesia's most conservative province raided a punk-rock concert and detained 65 fans, shaving off their spiky mohawks and stripping away body piercings because of the perceived threat to Islamic values...
    Dog-collar necklaces and chains were also taken from the youths before they were thrown in pools of water for "spiritual" cleansing..."



  • Celebrity Tattoos
    "Movie stars, athletes, singers, and even (albeit rarely) the occasional politician proudly sports his or her special “tats...”


  • Electronic tattoo
    "This photo provided by the journal Science shows a thin, flexible piece of electronics stuck onto the skin.
    One day monitoring a patient's vital signs like temperature and heart rate could be as simple as sticking on a tiny, wireless patch, sort of like the temporary tattoos popular with the younger set."


    Stick-On Electronic Tattoos
    "A flexible electronic device stuck on the skin could provide irritation-free monitoring of heart, brain, and muscle activity."

    An Electronic Second Skin
    It will "allow monitoring to be simpler, more reliable, and uninterrupted.
    These devices were made through “transfer printing” fabrication processes that create flexible versions of high-performance semiconductors that are brittle as bulk materials."


    Des scientifiques mettent au point un tatouage capable de veiller sur votre santé
    "Une équipe internationale de chercheurs a dévoilé jeudi un timbre épidermique plus fin qu'un cheveux, adhérant sans colle à la peau et capable de mesurer le rythme cardiaque ou encore l'activité cérébrale et musculaire grâce à des capteurs électroniques..."


  • World's most pierced woman gets married to balding civil servant
    "The world's most pierced woman got married in Britain on Wednesday, to a balding retired civil servant who has no metal attached to his body...
    Elaine Davidson (46), who has almost 7000 piercings covering her body, married Douglas Watson, at a low-key wedding reception in Edinburgh."

    Her face "was painted green and covered in 192 piercings."
    She "now has 6,925 including more than 1,500 that are "internal" that are said to weigh almost seven pounds.
    According to her website, she "never removes the rings and studs"."




  • Survival of the Tattooed and Pierced?
    "Body art may be evidence of high-quality genes in men...
    The im pulse to get inked may be a risk-taking behavior inherited from ancestors who were strong enough to endure injuries and survive."





  • Warnings over body piercing boom
    "Problems over botched body piercings could be a "substantial burden" on the NHS in the near future, a study says...
    Just over a quarter of people reported complications, including swelling, infection and bleeding..."



Examples :

Art :


Listening :

  • Tattoos Surge in Popularity - Text + Audio + Video - 3 December 2015
    "Decorating the body with tattoos dates back to the Stone Age.
    Different cultures around the world have used tattoos for decoration, rites of passage, and status symbols.
    Today in the digital era, tattoos are enjoying wide popularity — especially among Millennials."

  • Could a Tattoo Cost You a Job? - Text + Audio - 30 May 2015
    "In the 1960s U.S., a tattoo was usually a sign of anti-social or illegal activity. Few people had them.
    Today, at least one in five Americans has a tattoo, including sports stars, students and young professionals.
    But some people say tattoos still have no place at work. Read on to learn words relate..."





  • MORE about TATTOO


Conversation questions :

  • Views on Tattoos and Plastic Surgery
    "What do you think of tattooing and plastic surgery? Would you have either one done?
    Students from Argentina, Korea, Turkey and Japan express their viewpoints."

  • Young People and Body Art
    "Throughout history, body decoration has been popular although its expression has varied from culture to culture.
    People decorate their bodies---comb, dye and style their hair; pierce their ears or other body parts; paint their faces; and even tattoo parts of their bodies."



INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Body piercing
    "Piercing has become a common trend, but do you know the lesser known facts about this body modification?"
  • Quiz - Tattoos - History, Culture and Health Risks
    "Tattoos have been part of society since 2000 B.C. Some people used tattoos to indicate key moments in their life, some used them
    to show social rankings in their community and some people use them to show their individuality."



Activities TO PRINT :

  • TATTOOS - a worksheet
    (Annie Gwynn)



Lesson plans :

  • Tattoos
    Lexical area: Tattoo designs and body parts
    "In this lesson for teens at B1 / B2 level, students will talk about their attitudes towards tattoos, read a text about the growing popularity of tattooing in the UK, design a tattoo for somebody and take part in a role play about a tattoo dilemma."

  • Tattoos - a lesson plan


    "Although it is illegal for under-18s to have a tattoo, a 15-year-old schoolgirl managed to get a 13cm tattoo of Winnie the Pooh.
    Students invent the perfect temporary tattoo for the under-18s."

    Argument over schoolgirl's tattoo : TEXT + AUDIO + VIDEO

    Learning aims:
    • Understand the law surrounding tattoos
    • Look at the advantages and disadvantages of permanent tattoos
    • Look at the advantages and disadvantages of temporary tattoos

  • Tattoo : "Students complete a series of activities based on a text about tattoos."
    2 levels : Elementary - Upper Intermediate

  • Tattoos, Trends, and Time
    Lesson Summary:   
    "In this group activity, students will discuss fashion trends and watch Fashion Trends through Time, a PowerPoint that illustrates various fashion trends throughout history. They will use Worksheet 1 as a guide to research their topic, either Tattoos or Body Piercings, and learn about how the procedure is done and the risks involved. They will then present their findings to the class through an oral presentation and listen to others’ presentations to complete the risk/benefit assessment on Worksheet 2."


  • Health risks of body art - a lesson plan
    "Students will do the following:
    1. Explore what is involved in body piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic surgery
    2. Discuss why people engage in these activities
    3. Research the health risks associated with these activities"


Cartoons :




I had them all removed

Tattoos of piercings





Tattoo removal



Fish piercing


Songs :

  • Tattoo by The Who - UPDATED
    "Welcome to my life, tattoo
    I'm a man now, thanks to you
    I expect I'll regret you
    But the skin graft man won't get you
    You'll be there when I die

  • Tattoo Song by Herman Brood
    "I've seen the spike
    up & down my arm
    sailor's graves & tattooed snakes
    & broken hearts...
    baby let the needle burn...
    get y'rself a tattoo
    don't think twice
    you show it off in the disco, at school
    around the corner, ain't no lie...
    Got it under my skin
    for the rest of my life
    I don't mind, I show it off
    around the neighbourhood"

    + the VIDEO (YouTube)


Videos :


  • Tattoos Surge in Popularity - Text + Audio + Video - 3 December 2015
    "Decorating the body with tattoos dates back to the Stone Age.
    Different cultures around the world have used tattoos for decoration, rites of passage, and status symbols.
    Today in the digital era, tattoos are enjoying wide popularity — especially among Millennials."


  • My life with a face tattoo - VIDEO - 17 October 2015
    "It's estimated that one in five of the UK population has a tattoo, and that number is even higher amongst young people.
    Necks, hands and full sleeves are becoming more and more popular. But your face is the one place you can never hide.
    We've been to Dundee where there is a small but growing community of people who have face tattoos - and are proud of them.
    This is the story of Sean Green."


  • Tattoo camouflages scars and burns


  • The history of tattoos - Addison Anderson (YouTube)
    "If you have a tattoo, you’re part of a rich cultural history that dates back at least 8,000 years.
    Where did this practice of body modification come from, and how has its function changed over time?
    Addison Anderson tracks the history of getting inked.

    - with a lesson (







Cinema :

  • The Tattooist Trailer
    "American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) wanders the world, exploring and exploiting ethnic themes in his tattoo designs.
    At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he gets his first glimpse at the exotic world of traditional Samoan tattoo (tatau), and, in a thoughtless
    act, unwittingly unleashes a powerful angry spirit. In his devastating journey into Pacific mysticism, Jake must find a way to save his new love, Sina (Mia Blake) and recover his own soul."