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(Updated on 31/10/2013)

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Superstitions (civilization) :
Conversation Questions - Common superstitions
Animals - Death - Flowers - Friday 13th and Mirrors - Love - Sports - Theatre

+ Astrology + 'Halloween' + Ghosts
+ Vampires


Examples :





  • Bonsai Trees (
    - with Links to History and Facts

    Bring Luck With Lucky Bamboo, Give Luck to a Friend.


  • Old Superstitions :
    Good Luck | Bad Luck | Acting & Stage | Animal | Card | Christmas | New Years Baby | Wedding | New Home | Halloween | General | Hair | Death


  • Paraskevidekatriaphobia
    'Touch wood, cross your fingers, and pop that lucky rabbit's foot in your pocket - and there will be an almost five-to-one chance that you will not then be troubled today with paraskevidekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the 13th.'
    (Tim Radford, The Guardian, Friday 13th June 2003)

    See Phobia names and etymology (Wikipedia)


Idioms :


Listening :

  • Friday the 13th - AUDIO
    "Does the phrase "Oh no, it's Friday the 13th!" mean anything to you?
    Does this date fill you with fear, anxiety and foreboding - or is it simply another day on the calendar?
    Whether you're superstitious or not, join us as we try to find out why Friday the 13th is such an infamous date."
    - with the script and a quiz



INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Superstitions
    "Emma, an American assistant in Decize (France), is talking about superstitions in America.
    Listen to her and do the activities."
    Created by Renée Maufroid



Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Ladders and stairs -
    "Write the interview.
    The answers are given, fill in the questions.
    You are a reporter for the large British paper 'The Independent'.
    Recently there have been a large number of accidents relating to ladders and stairs.
    You are interviewing a very superstitious young man.
    What do you ask him about?"


Lesson plans :

  • Fortune teller
    "This lesson, suitable for pre-intermediate students, follows on from presentation and controlled practice of the future ‘will'.
    It is an extended role-play activity which is simple to set up and fun for the students."



  • Superstitions
    "Take a look at the article, story, cartoon, word games, trivia and links."
    (British Council)

Conversation Questions :



Songs :

  • Crystal Ball by Keane :
    "Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball,
    Save us all, tell me life is beautiful,
    Mirror, mirror on the wall."

  • Good Luck Charm by Elvis Presley :
    "Don't want a four leaf clover
    Don't want an old horse shoe..."
  • Life by Des'ree - with activities
  • Superstition by Stevie Wonder :
    "Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall,
    Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
    Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past."

    + a gap fill writing activity - interactive (


Poems :

    "Mémorise ce poème et interroge-toi...
    Clique sur le texte pour qu'il s'efface!"
    (Hervé Humbert)


Cartoons :





Bad luck

I wish for








Stories :



Jokes :

  • "Teacher: Can people predict the future with cards?
    Student: My mother can.
    Teacher: Really?
    Student: Yes, she takes one look at my report card and tells me what will happen when my father gets home."
    ( Weekly Tips for Teachers )


Videos :