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(Created on 06/02/2018)


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Suffragettes (USA)

Women's history



History :



  • 6 February 1918: Women get the vote for the first time - with pictures and videos - 5 February 2018
    "100 years ago, the law changed to give women the right to vote for who represented them in Parliament.
    Find out more about two women in particular who fought to make this happen.
    100 years ago - on 6 February 1918 - an important law was passed which changed the UK forever. It was called the Representation of People Act 1918."



  • In pictures: Suffragettes capture the Monument (in London)

  • The War on Suffrage  (
    "The suffrage movement, both in America and England, involved angry debates about the ideals of womanhood, the power and purpose of government,
    and how much beer everyone should be drinking..."

    'Ten Little Suffergets'
    Suffrage Isn’t Sexy
    I Am Woman Voter, Hear Me Roar!
    Babes and Booze
    Women of the World, Don’t Unite
    The Singing Defense


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Listening :

  • Listen to: The Suffragettes + Read
    "The Suffragettes have got a reputation as a largely peaceful movement - but they were prepared to go much further."



Lesson plans :

  • How to teach ... the suffragettes
    "It’s 87 years since women won the right to vote in the UK. Use our lesson ideas – including role play and protest songs – to mark the occasion."



Webquests :

  • Suffragettes - a webquest : A MOCK TRIAL: "THE CASE OF LADY BUCKINGHAM"
    "The charge: Lord Buckingham accuses his wife Lady Buckingham of punching him and sending him to the hospital during their 2nd Saint Valentine's dinner.
    Lord Buckingham claims that he has discovered by chance during this dinner that Lady Buckingham is a suffragette activist.
    He lodges a complaint against his wife.
    He wants to divorce and get criminal injury compensations..."



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