(Updated on 19/04/2011)


In the background : Image of Comet Hartley 2
"This image was captured by NASA's EPOXI mission between Nov. 3 and 4, 2010,
during the spacecraft's flyby of comet Hartley 2.
It was captured using the spacecraft's Medium-Resolution Instrument."


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  • Virgin unveils spaceship designs
    "Virgin Galactic has released the final design of the launch system that will take fare-paying passengers into space."

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  • Alien Earths - interactive (
    " It explores the formation of stars and planets and includes interactive games, slide shows and more...
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    (Education World)


  • The Animated Virtual Planetarium
    Spatial Relations / Orbital Dynamics / Historical Solar Systems

  • Space travel (BBC) - with AUDIO
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  • ESA - European Space Agency
    - with an animation on the history of European space science!
    and activities, quizzes, games...


    News / Gallery / Discoveries / Sci-Tech / Fun / Reference


  • Space Teaching Theme ( :
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  • The Moon - with quizzes : interactive / to print (


  • Windows to the Universe : Our planet - Our solar system - Astronomy and the Universe - History and People... (

  • Touchdown on Titan!
    "Seven years after takeoff, space probe Huygens lands on Saturn's moon, Titan"
    (Time For Kids)

  • BBC Space - 3D Tour - "Take a 3D interactive tour of the Solar System"
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  • ESA Kids (European Space Agency) :
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  • Starchild is A Learning Center for Young Astronomers -
    "The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC),
    Dr. Nicholas E. White (Director), within the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA) at NASA/ GSFC."
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  • The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System -
    "an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.
    Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information."




  • Earth (texte + symboles)
  • NasaKids - (
    "Learn about NASA's activities and science"
    (with interactive tools)