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South Africa :



  • Timeline: South Africa (BBC)


  • South Africa (Wikipedia)

    1 History
    1.1 Prehistoric
    1.2 Dutch and Xhosa in the Cape
    1.3 British colony
    1.4 First and Second Boer Wars
    1.5 Union of South Africa
    1.6 Apartheid, its end and aftermath

    2 Politics
    3 Provinces
    4 Geography
    5 Flora and fauna
    6 Economy
    7 Agriculture
    8 Demographics
    9 Culture

    9.1 Languages
    10 Crime
    11 Military
    12 Media
    13 See also
    14 International rankings
    15 References
    16 External links


  • Country profile: South Africa (BBC)
    "Diversity is a key feature of South Africa, where 11 languages are recognised as official, where community leaders include rabbis and chieftains, rugby players and returned exiles, where traditional healers ply their trade around the corner from stockbrokers and where housing ranges from mud huts to palatial homes with swimming pools.
    The diverse communities, however, have not had much representation for long..."

  • ZoomSchool : Africa - civilization (

  • South Africa's post-apartheid struggle (BBC)
    "South Africa's voice of conscience, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has questioned why respect for the law, and even life, is missing in a country still struggling to move on from the days of apartheid.
    Desmond Tutu said levels of poverty were a powder keg
    As if to reinforce his message, the country's annual crime statistics have shown a sharp rise in some areas of violent crime..."

News :

  • THE WORLD CUP 2010 :



Listening :


  • Audio slideshow: Long walk to freedom
    "It is 20 years since the South African authorities agreed to free Nelson Mandela - the man who would lead the struggle to end the country's
    policy of racial segregation, and create a multi-racial democracy.
    Using the BBC archives, see how he left behind his cell of 27 years, to become South Africa's first black president."


  • An interactive biography of Nelson Mandela
    "Here are 4 listening activities with gap-fill exercises."



  • Celebrating Christmas in South Africa
    "In South Africa, Christmas is not celebrated in the same way as in England.
    Corinne, a 58-year-0ld South African living in England, tells us about this difference."



INTERACTIVE activities :



Activities TO PRINT :



Lesson plans :

  • Mandela Day
    "Mandela Day is on 18 July. This integrated skills lesson plan for upper-secondary students looks at Nelson Mandela's life and explores some of themes surrounding South Africa during apartheid."

  • 2010 WORLD CUP :

    • Spain Win 2010 FIFA World Cup Final (12th July, 2010) - a lesson plan

    • World Cup Theme - Educational Resources

    • The Beautiful Game: Teaching and Learning With the World Cup - Teaching ideas
       "Two sections — one with sites accessible to students and the other with lesson plans for teachers."

    • World Cup English
      "The World Cup has begun in South Africa and our Premier Skills website has a Word Cup English section during the tournament, in which you can follow Barclays Premier League stars through blogs, quizzes, games and video."
      (British Council)

    • Grammar: 2010 World Cup - a lesson plan
      Level: High elementary / Pre-intermediate
      Time: Approx. 60 minutes
      Objective: To present and practise the first conditional using the topic of the World Cup
      Key skills: Speaking, writing

      Page 3 of the document :
      P = played (nombre de matchs joués)
      W = won (nombres de matchs gagnés)
      D = draw (nombres de matchs nuls)
      L= lost (nombre de matchs perdus)
      For = for (nombre de buts marqués)
      A= against (nombre de buts encaissés)
      PTS = points (nombres de points match gagné = 3 points, match nul = 1 point, match perdu = 0 point).



Webquests :

  • Peace - a web quest about Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela (4ème à 1ère)
    (Chloé Thivin - Isère)


Poems :



Cinema :






Videos :



  • Nelson Mandela - A brief biography of Nelson Mandela's life.  


  • Audio Slideshow : Nelson Mandela at 90
    "The world statesman celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday 18 July 2008.
    As a lawyer and activist he campaigned against South Africa's apartheid regime.
    Accused of trying to overthrow the government, he spent nearly 30 years in prison.
    After his release in 1990, he went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and to become his country's first black president.
    Includes radio archive and interviews..."




Songs :



  • 'The Boers have got my daddy'
    "'The Boers have got my daddy
    My soldier Dad;
    I don't like to hear my Mammy sigh,
    I don't like to see my Mammy cry;
    So I'm going in a big ship
    Across the raging main,
    And I'm going to fight the Boers, I am,
    And bring my Daddy home again!'"

    Listen to the song.


  • Together As One sung by Lucky Dube

    - the lyrics :
    "In my whole life,
    My whole life
    I've got a dream

    Too many people
    Hate apartheid
    Why do you like it?

    Hey you rasta man
    Hey European, Indian man
    We've got to come together as one"

    S African reggae star shot dead
    "His albums Slave, Prisoner and Together As One saw him gain first national, and then global, recognition.
    Three years ago his 1989 anti-apartheid hit Together as One, which calls for world peace and harmony, was voted one of
    Africa's top 10 songs by BBC readers and listeners."


    Lucky Dube
    1 Biography
    2 Discography...



  • Mandela Day - Simple Minds :
    "It was 25 years they take that man away..."
    - with a VIDEO (YouTube)


Cartoons and funny photos :