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  • How important is socal class in Britain today? - Article + Photos + Video - 7 April 2016
    "The UK is famed for the rigid distinctions between the different strata of society – but what’s the truth in the myth?
    And how does it compare to other countries?"

  • 7 Social Classes: Where Do You Belong?
    "New survey in the UK shows that the traditional social class categories of working, middle, and upper class are outdated - there are actually 7 social classes..."
    Which Social Class Do You Belong To?

  • Class calculator: A US view of the class system
    "Foreigners can find Britain's class system baffling and fascinating.
    With its traditional divisions declared obsolete by sociologists, an American offers his take on the new seven-tier model."

    + The Great British class calculator



  • U.K. now has 7 social classes (April 6, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A new survey shows there are seven social classes in the United Kingdom.
    This is an increase of four classes under the old class system. Last century, there were just three classes in Britain."








  • Working Class Hero - John Lennon (YouTube)
    - the lyrics
    - a worksheet (Bernard Russo)

    John Lennon was shot in New York on 8 December 1980...

    Home town gains Andy Capp statue

    "The statue, by Shropshire artist Jane Robbins, captures the working class hero in a typically relaxed pose, but minus his trademark cigarette."

    Working Class Hero (Wikipedia)
    1 Meaning
    2 Cover versions: 2.1 Green Day cover 2.2 Other covers
    3 References

    "Regarded as one of John Lennon's most caustic and overtly political songs, it explores themes of alienation and social status from childhood to adulthood."



  • Royal wedding guide: How to be 'frightfully posh' : ARTICLE + VIDEO
    "It's a world for the privileged few... This is the realm of Britain's upper classes...
    Nicknamed "toffs," "hooray henrys" and "yahs," becoming part of this privileged upper-crust set is a frightfully difficult affair."

    + What is a Sloane? + How to spot a Sloane + How to live like a Sloane + How to party like a Sloane


  • A working class hero is something to be: 23 proletariat classics - with VIDEOS
    "What better way to celebrate the holiday of the working person than to watch a movie about "the basic labor relations between the proletariat
    and the bourgeoisie"? There are 23 of them in this list: dramas, biopics, documentaries, and comedies that address labor in an entertaining way
    -and an educational way for young folks who don't learn these things in history class..."