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(Updated on 29/06/2016)


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Abbreviations :

    Acronym, Emoticon Dictionary, Lingo Dictionary, Texting Thesaurus, SMS Message Translator and Spellchecker.
    Funny SMS message collection, colorful phrases. Popular Smiley, Chat words and SMS message lists
    "Lingo2word is devoted to demistifying any shorthand language
    such as SMS messages ,Chat rooms, Legalese ,Computer Jargon and Emails."

  • Do you speak Esemese? (Ac. Montpellier)
    "Toutes ces abréviations qu'utilisent les anglophones quand ils communiquent par SMS
    (Short Message Service)"


INTERACTIVE activities :


  • Mobile Madness - UPDATED
    "First read the text message on the mobile phone.
    Then type the message using complete words.
    Example : ruok ? = Are you OK ?"



  • transl8it! (trans-late-it) is simple to use!
    "Just type in your SMS or TXT lingo and let transL8it! convert it to plain english OR type in a phrase in english and convert it to TXT lingo!"


Activities TO PRINT :

  • Texting in the class
    Support pour faire écrire des SMS aux élèves
    "Un document à imprimer et à distribuer aux élèves, avec des images de téléphones pour leur faire écrire de petites conversations en SMS dedans.
    C’est l’occasion d’aborder les abréviations classiques, et ça peut servir d’étape préparatoire pour l’expression orale en interactivité."
    par Stéphane Busuttil
  • Do you speak Esemese? (Ac. Montpellier)
    "Toutes ces abréviations qu'utilisent les anglophones quand ils communiquent par SMS
    (Short Message Service)"
    - avec
    des exercices
  • MOBILE PHONES - Smilies - (absolutenglish-972)
    "Match the items on the right (feelings, people, animals...) to the corresponding smilies."


Lesson plans :

  • Dotty - a lesson
    "This EFL lesson is designed around a moving short film by Brett and Mick , and the themes of texting and elderly people.
    Students discuss texting, write instructions, predict how a short film ends, read a film review and write a film review for homework."

    Time: 90 minutes
    Topic: Texting, technology and old people
    Language: Vocabulary related to texting
    Materials: Short film and film review


  • Texting while walking is dangerous (March 12, 2014) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Reading or writing text messages while you are walking is dangerous. A new study says it is more dangerous than texting while driving."

  • Heavy Texting – a New Social Problem (10th November, 2010) - a lesson plan

    Risky behavior likely in hyper-texting teens


Cartoons :


31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher Too Long
18. This is your daily battle.


Distracted driving
- Cartoons



Cell phones may cause cancer ?
"This cartoon by Gary Markstein
from the Copley News Service relates
to a recent World Health
Organization press release
saying that using a cell phone may
raise the risk of developing cancer


Text while driving


Texting - Reaction time






Videos :

  • It Only Takes a Second - "You can't even look away for a second..."
    "Put down the phone, fellow fathers. Right now, you're supposed to be watching your kids. They're not safe out of your sight for even a second. Just glance away to read or send a text and the worst thing has happened to your precious children in that moment.
    Dad Dudes, which is a comedy production group consisting of four real-life dads, created this thoughtful PSA to warn dads to stop texting and start paying attention."


  • Dangers of Texting While Walking
    "On city streets and in shopping centers, there is usually someone strolling while talking on a phone, texting with his head down.
    The problem isn't as widely discussed as distracted driving, but the danger is real."