I should / I shouldn't


(Updated on 06/02/2013)



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Giving advice



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INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Give advice - PowerPoint Presentation
    Theme : FOOD
    + should + shouldn't + too + too much + too many
    Prévu pour une classe de 5ème.
    Sent by Miriam Mascaras (Ac. Martinique)



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  • A Walk to Remember: Past Modals for Regrets - Should (Not) Have ... - a lesson plan
    "This is a teens classic. In a survey I conducted with my advanced level teenagers, this movie was their favorite one, according to the majority of students in my class. So I decided to see it and I agree with them. It is a very good film, indeed. This scene is perfect to talk about regrets, using past modals."



Games to print :


Stories :

  • Lazy Jack (
    Le texte permet de réviser les métiers et d'utiliser : "You should have..."


Songs :


  • Lady Antebellum - All We'd Ever Need (
    "I should’ve been chasing you
    I should’ve been trying to prove
    That you were all that mattered to me
    I should’ve said all the things that I kept inside of me
    And maybe I could’ve made you believe
    That what we had was all we’d ever need"

    + the VIDEO (YouTube)
  • United Breaks Guitars by Dave Carroll
    - the LYRICS :
    "You broke it, you should fix it.
    You’re liable, just admit it.
    I should have flown with someone else
    Or gone by car,
    Cuz United Breaks Guitars."

    + the VIDEO with lyrics (YouTube) - UPDATED

  • Chasing Pavements sung by Adele
    "Should I give up
    or should I just keep chasing pavements...
    or would it be a waste
    even if I knew my place should I leave it there."

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson :
    "You should have known better than to lean on me..."
  • Lonely Day by System of a Down :
    "Such a lonely day
    Should be banned
    It s a day that I can't stand...
    Such a lonely day
    Shouldn t exist"

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