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Jack the Ripper



Information :

  • Bernard Hogan-Howe new Metropolitan Police commissioner - 12  September 2011 - ARTICLE + VIDEOS
    "Speaking briefly at Scotland Yard, the new commissioner said he wanted to lead a force that criminals fear and the public trust...
    Mr Hogan-Howe will be in charge of more than 50,000 staff, including 32,000 officers.
    The force, the biggest in the UK, includes more than a fifth of all police in England and Wales.
    The commissioner's job combines policing London and responsibility for national security issues such as combating terrorism."



  • Political correctness ends 'Vice Squad' name
    "Scotland Yard's famous Vice Squad, which deals with prostitution and other aspects of London's underworld, has changed its title to the rather less dynamic "Serious Crime Directorate 9: Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command", or SCD9 for short."



  • Scotland Yard (Wikipedia)
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    2 Popular culture
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  • Metropolitan Police - Young people
    "This part of the site specifically targets the youth of London, delivering useful guidance on crime prevention and how to stay
    safe. The site also offers advice such as what to do if your mobile phone is stolen or if you are being bullied."



Stories :

  • Stories from Scotland Yard (
    Investigation techniques - Murder cases - Personalities - Police Stations - Scandals - Organisation - 1837 Map - Images



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Lesson plans :

  • Scotland Yard’s 178th anniversary : September 29, 2007 - CLASSROOM ACTIVITY (

Webquest :

  • Scotland Yard - a webquest (.docx) - Niveau 4ème
    Created by Céline Josso (Ac. Nantes):
    Les élèves "auront dans leur tâche finale une enquête à mener et pourront réutiliser certaines des informations apprises au cours de cette recherche."

Videos :