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(Updated on 25/08/2016)


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Vocabulary :


  • Y'all
    "A form used in direct address in certain contexts (e.g., partings, greetings, invitations, and vocatives).
    Example: "Hey, y'all!"
    A greeting that addresses a multitude of people without referencing a singular identity comprising that multitude."
    + other usages


  • Learn about greetings (
    Everyday Greetings - Special Greetings - What to say - Formal to informal (+ son)

  • Greetings - liste (+ son) et traduction (



Customs :


Profile :

  • You've got Royal Mail - with the Queen's profile
    "She is more usually associated with old-fashioned snail mail - after all, her head does grace the UK's stamps."


Listening :


  • Meet our new assistant.
    "Listen to our new assistant. She tells you about her family, her friends and her house. There are six pages to work on and six coins to win."
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid.


  • Parler de soi - Talking about oneself - Activité n° 3.
    Plusieurs activités proposées à partir d'un enregistrement d'une écossaise qui se présente.
    L'enregistrement fait 54 secondes - accent écossais.
    Niveau A2 - exploitation possible de la différence entre le prétérit / present perfect / futur / présent simple.
    Activités proposées : QCM (en français et en anglais) et texte à trous.


  • How to greet people in formal contexts
    "This programme is about greetings and the language you might use if you're greeting people in quite formal contexts and/or want to sound polite.
    - with the script and an exercise

  • How to greet people (in informal contexts)
    "There are all sorts of different ways to greet people.
    In this programme, we learn some of the most popular and useful expressions for greeting friends or other people
    in relaxed situations.
    After you have listened to the programme, get some more practice with the quiz..."

  • ELL = English Listening Lounge : Self Introduction
    Become a full Member for FREE
  • Tell me about yourself (intermediate)
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises
    II. Listening Exercises
    III. Post-Listening Exercises
  • Introductions (with exercises) - ( :
    - Names 1 (E)
    - Names 2 (E)
    - Saying Hello and Goodbye (E)
    - Greetings and Introductions (E)
    - Randall's Introduction (E)
    - So, where are you from? (E)
    - Nice to Meet You (E)
    - Haven't We Met Before? (M)
  • Greetings - liste (+ son) et traduction (
  • Learn about greetings ( :
    Everyday Greetings - Special Greetings - What to say - Formal to informal (+ son)

INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Introducing People (6ème)
    Activité interactive créée par Laurence Haquet (Ac. Rouen) :
    "J'ai créé cette ressource pour mes élèves de 6ème afin qu'ils puissent s'entraîner à présenter une personne de manière détaillée
    et vérifier immédiatement leurs réponses.
    Cela peut aussi être des révisions en début de 5ème!"
  • 43 phrases (A2/B1) à travailler en activité d'association pour préparer une self-introduction.

  • Speaking - Presentation skills - (BBC)
    "Speaking of making presentations, here's a cool activity on Presentation Skills from the BBC! Choose your speaker then help them give the perfect presentation!"



  • Meet our new assistant.
    "Listen to our new assistant. She tells you about her family, her friends and her house. There are six pages to work on and six coins to win."
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid.

  • Parler de soi - 3 pages d'exercices interactifs (texte à trous)
    Cliquer sur "Activités non sonores / Thèmes divers"
    Niveau : à partir de la classe de 4ème.

    "Le but de l'activité suivante est de passer en revue un certain nombre de notions pour communiquer en anglais...
    Dans le QCM qui suit, vous êtes Michel MARTIN et vous recevez en France votre correspondant anglophone John SMITH
    pour une période de 15 jours ...
    Il peut y avoir 1, 2 ou 3 'bonnes' réponses pour chacune des 90 situations proposées.
    Pensez à prendre des notes et observez bien les commentaires qui s'affichent quand vous cliquez !"

    (Yvan Baptiste - Ac. Montpellier)


  • Introductions (
    Mixed-up sentence exercise


  • Les salutations, les relations entre les personnes - exercices (Hervé Humbert)

Exercises TO PRINT :

  • All About Me! - a booklet
    Si l'accès n'est pas direct, cliquer sur :
    P.S.H.E. & CITIZENSHIP RESOURCES / P.S.H.E. & Citizenship: Other Resources

    (Primary Resources)


Lesson plans :


  • All English lessons about introductions and greetings

  • ParaNorman: Greetings - a lesson plan
    "I love this animated movie. I must say, though, that it is pretty scary. I used this scene for true beginners. By the way, this movie is a must!"



  • Socialising 1: Breaking the ice - a lesson plan
    Topic: Socialising and starting conversations
    Level: Intermediate (B2) and above


  • Meeting and Greeting - Intermediate Instant Lesson (


  • What's in your pocket?
    "One current Internet meme consists of people taking pictures of what equipment they normally carry around in their pockets or on their belts whenever they leave their homes. They then post the pictures and explain their decisions. At the link, you can view a Flickr photo pool of some examples of these personal equipment choices."



  • The "How are you?" Lesson (
    How are you? + replies (emotions)
    Free stuff : The Song!(mp3) - Computer Game - Song Video - Teaching Guide Video (lo-res) - A4Poster (how to use)
    Games : How are you? Monster Game - How are you? Game - Gokiburi Game - Around the World - "Bite Size International Understanding"
  • A lesson : Self Portrait with Favorite Things :
    "Brainstorm and record favorite things of your students on a board or chart paper.
    You can include things like, favorite superhero, book, sport, movie, fruit, game, musician, artist, animal and so on..."
  • Classroom Introductions - a lesson plan (teachervision.fen)
    Objectives :
    - Students will know you better.
    - Students will be welcomed to your class and given an idea of what they will be doing during the year.
    - Students share some personal information about themselves orally.
    - Students will learn about each others' interests and families.


Conversation questions :

  • 27 ways to greet students

  • 'What's your name ?'  
    ou comment lancer l'année scolaire sans perdre de temps mais cela implique quelques 'home-made' préparatifs de la part du professeur.

    sent by Corinne Brugière (Ac. Limoges)


Scavenger Hunts :

  • Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt - (enchantedlearning)
    "In this activitiy, each student fill out a personal questionnaire,
    then they all go on a scavenger hunt looking for information about each other."



  • Alice Johns (Ac. Nice) vous "propose une petite série de jeux pour débuter la 6ème en douceur.
    Ces jeux permettent de revoir les salutations et les "moods"."



Posters :



Cards :


Letters :

Sample Informal Letter To Penpal



Poems :

  • Bio Poem Handout - (teachervision.fen)
    "Getting to know each other through a poetry writing activity."


Literature :

  • Presentations : In "The Great Gatsby" : the narrator and character Nick Carraway introduces himself.


Songs :


  • Keren Ann : My name is trouble (YouTube)
    + the LYRICS :
    "My name is trouble my first name’s a mess
    No need to greet me I’m here to confess...
    I'm petrified of emptiness a lot of signs of loneliness"





Cartoons :

Videos :


  • Let's Learn English Holiday Greeting - VIDEO
    "At this time of year, the team at Let's Learn English is spending time with their families and friends. We share the holiday traditions with you in this video."


  • Gestures Used in Greetings - Video
    "Dr. Jill talks about the gestures we use when we greet people in different countries."


  • Let Me Introduce Myself (YouTube)






  • One Day On Earth - with an interactive map
    People all over the world made videos of what they did on the same day.

    "On 10.10.10 we documented the world. Explore our video archive."



  • 21 Accents
    "Amy Walker does a little tour of 21 accents in 2 1/2 minutes.
    From the UK and Ireland to Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Australia, New Zealand, and around North America."  

    Hello! I'm Amy Walker.
  • Meeting People - Video Snapshot
    "Watch this video clip and answer the (interactive) questions based on what you see and hear."

    + Discussion Question





Cinema :



Signs :