Hector Hugh Munro (December 18, 1870 – November 14, 1916),
better known by the pen name Saki, was a British writer.


The writer - "The Open Window" - Cinema

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The writer :

  • Saki (Wikipedia)
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"The Open Window" :

  • The Open Window by Saki - The text.
    "Double-click ANY word on this page to read its definition."
    - with a quiz : True ? False ?
  • "The Open Window" By Saki (
    with Worksheets, Flashcards, a Matching Quiz, the Copy of the story...
    Listen to a reading of the story.



  • How Ironic! - a lesson plan (
    "This lesson will introduce students to the concept of irony. Verbal, situational, and dramatic irony will be defined, but the focus of the lesson is situational irony. This lesson can be used prior to teaching longer, more complex short stories that contain situational irony."
    "Students will:
    - discriminate between the 3 types of irony: verbal, situational and dramatic.
    - determine the purpose of the irony: humor, fear, suspense, etc.
    - identify the situational irony in the selection and the purpose.
    - write a summary of the reading selection and discuss the use of situational irony in the selection in at least 2 paragraphs."

Cinema :

  • Sredni Vashtar "is a 30-minute film, released in 1981, and written, produced and directed by Andrew Birkin.
    It is based on the short story, written by Hector Hugh Munro.
    It is about a little boy, Conradin, who worships a ferret and prays for deliverance from his overbearing guardian, Aunt Augusta.
    It won the BAFTA award for Best Short Film, and was nominated for an Academy Award Oscar."


    View/download Sredni Vashtar (350k, 28 min)