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Cowboys - Indians / Native Americans - The West


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Go for gold! Vintage portraits of California prospectors – in pictures
"Young gold-rush prospectors stare down the camera in these striking daguerreotypes and tintypes of the 1850s,
from a time before California boomtowns became ghost towns."



Out West
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[Animals] [Architecture] [Backgrounds] [Bars, Dividers] [Cowboys] [Indians] [Miscellaneous] [Paintings - Cowboy] [Paintings - Indian]
[Photos - Cowboy] [Plant Life] [Range Gear & Tack] [Transportation] [Women]



Cowboy boots

Cowboy lasso :


History :

  • Scenes From the American West, 150 Years Ago - PHOTOS
    "In the late 1860s, photographer Andrew J. Russell traveled west to document the construction of the Union Pacific Railway in Wyoming and Utah, including the famous “golden spike” moment on May 10, 1869, when the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads were joined in Promontory, Utah, creating the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. Russell captured images of the railway construction as well as the wide-open landscape of the American West and its inhabitants. See also, a previous photo essay from Timothy O’Sullivan, covering similar territory at the time."


  • California: The new gold rush with PHOTOS

  • The Gold Rush (PBS)
    People and Events - Map - Timeline - Teacher's Guide



  • American History - PowerPoint Presentations (
    Explorers - Civil War - Government -
    Native Americans - Industrial/Immigration - Geography -
    Colonial Times - Great Depression - Patriotic Symbols -
    Revolutionary War - Civil Rights - Multicultural -
    Western Expansion - World Wars - Many More
  • Gold Rush : Gold Rush History ( :
    Part 1: Gold! An Era Remembered
    Part 2: At Work & Play
    Part 3: Chasing a Dream
    Part 4: A Lasting Impact
    Extra! Extra!
    Travel: Visiting History
    Resources: Learning More

  • California - Gold Fever (History on the Net)
    "An illustrated sheet about the pros and cons of the California Gold rush with related activities."
  • The Interactive Santa Fe Trail (SFT) Homepage (
    History of the Santa Fe Trail - Exploring the Trail Today: road trips, bikes, horses, hikes, maps - pictures, eCards - Stops and sights along the trail - Kansas Sights: History / People / Travel - SF Trail Who's Who - Rivers & the Trail (



  • Lawlessness in the West (History on the Net)
    "Worksheet explaining factors that contributed to lawlessness in the West."
  • Trails to the West - a map (eduplace)

  • Historical maps (US) - (eduplace)

  • Old West - LINKS (
    "The Old West of this page is defined loosely as the legend and reality of 19th Century America west of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and anything and anybody associated with it, past and present.
    After all, the Old West is not really a time or a place but a state of mind. Jim Janke."


Listening :

  • 1890’s Gold Rush!  - "Thousands traveled to the Yukon area of Canada hoping to become rich | EXPLORATIONS"


Worksheets :


  • American West - Worksheets (History on the Net)

  • California - Gold Fever (History on the Net)
    "An illustrated sheet about the pros and cons of the California Gold rush with related activities."
  • The Life of a Cowboy (History on the Net)
    "Match the pictures on the left to the statements on the right."




Games TO PRINT :


  • Lawlessness Word Search (History on the Net)
    "There are eight crimes commonly committed in the West hidden in this wordsearch."
  • American West Crossword (History on the Net)
    "A giant crossword with clues relating to the American West - Indians, gold rush, Mormons, railroad and cowboys."


Webquests :

Stories :

  • 'The Outcasts of Poker Flat' by Bret Harte - Text + Audio + Video
    "Life in the American West was hard. During the California Gold Rush, it was also very dangerous.
    This story by Bret Harte tells of a small group of people forced to leave their town.
    Read about their struggle to survive a journey in the freezing Sierra Nevada mountains.