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(Updated on 16/09/2013)


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Fast food
Food and Drinks



Pictures :







  • Food & Drink - flashcards : At the Restaurant - Fast Food and Sandwiches
    (aussi en ESPAGNOL)

    Click on Flashcard Library.

Vocabulary :

  • See Videos

  • How to Order at an American Restaurant - Text + Audio + Pictures + Practice
    "In today's Everyday Grammar, we will give you expressions and suggestions for ordering food in an American restaurant."


  • 60 Words for Types of Restaurants
    "This post lists dozens of words, many adopted from foreign languages that describe a specific type of restaurant.
    (Restaurant itself stems from a Latin verb meaning “restore.”)"


  • Why the diner is the ultimate symbol of America
    "With its chrome counter and cherry pie, the diner is an icon of American culture.
    What's the global appeal of this humble eatery, asks the BBC's Stephen Smith..."

    + Five typical diner dishes

    America on a plate : The story of the diner
    "Whether Edward Hopper's Nighthawks or the infamous encounter between Pacino and de Niro in Heat, these gleaming, gawdy shacks are at the absolute heart of the American vision..."

    See DINER (Wikipedia)


  • Vocabulary for the hotel and catering industry
    vocabulaire de la spécialité  l'hôtellerie  la restauration  la nourriture 
    les légumes  les fruits  les poissons  les ustensiles  les herbes et épices 
    les boissons  les viandes  les laitages  tout le vocabulaire



  • A sucker table
    "Every restaurant has a sucker table. It is the worst table in the house, the one where the all the suckers sit...
    it is next to the loos, on a flight path of waiter traffic or has a bucket placed in the centre collecting brackish fluid dripping from the ceiling..."
  • At the restaurant - liste d'expressions (
    1.The waiter
    2.The guest
  • Eating Out ( :
    Useful Vocabulary - Build Up - Naturally Speaking - Dialogues

  • Restaurant Words - to "help you order food in a restaurant" + restaurant dialogs - (
    You can hear the words pronounced


Information :



  • 'Happy Meals' banned in California
    "McDonald's "Happy Meals" and other fast food snacks that come with toys are to be banned in part of California in an attempt to wean children off unhealthy, high-calorie diets...
    One quarter of children in the area are overweight or obese and officials say they are tackling an "obesity epidemic". "



  • 'Greaseless Spoon' café serves low-fat fry-up in Holborn, London
    "Britain's first "Greaseless Spoon" café has opened offering customers a "healthy" fry-up with 70 per cent less fat than the traditional dish...
    If it proves popular with customers, the Greaseless Spoon could soon become a permanent feature in towns and cities across the UK.
    To celebrate the launch this week, all the food will be served up for free..."


  • Service at sword point at "Ninja" restaurant
    "Waitresses wield swords and flare flames at diners, who have to get past a moat before sitting at their table in the dimly lit dining hall...
    Ninjas were mercenaries who resorted to unusual warfare strategies such as espionage, sabotage and assassination from as far back as 700 years ago in feudal Japan. They remain a common, enduring theme in Japanese folklore...
    Ninja competes with restaurants that specialize in airliner, dinosaur and toilet decor in a city teeming with theme diners. "



  • Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona

    The Heart Attack Grill 
    "is a fast food hamburger restaurant in ChandlerArizona, United States.
    It has courted controversy by serving unashamedly high-calorie menu items with controversial names.
    The establishment is a hospital theme restaurant: waitresses ("nurses") take orders ("prescriptions") from the customers ("patients").
    A tag is put on the patient's wrist showing which foods they ordered and a "doctor" examines the "patients" with a stethoscope."


  • American restaurant menu
    - Sample menu from a typical American restaurant that serves everything (modified from a Coney Island menu)

  • Rise of the all-you-can-eat restaurant
    Pay at the door. Then, "grab a plate, help yourself, help yourself again"
    "In just 12 months the all-you-can-eat restaurant chain Taybarns has taken the catering industry by storm - and there are plans to open 30 new branches. But does it encourage unhealthy eating?...
    The all-you-can-eat concept originated in the US's working areas in the 1930s. Golden Corral has capitalised on that trend, focusing on small-town America, it now has more than 450 restaurants across 41 states.
    But with warnings that the UK is following the US with rising levels of obesity, isn't this sort of dining experience a cause for concern?"
    + a VIDEO


Listening :



  • Joe's Hamburger Restaurant - "A man is in for a surprise when ordering a meal at a local restaurant."
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Post-Listening Exercises
    Level: Medium
  • Eating out (BBC)
    Listen 1: Going out to a restaurant
    Listen 2: Ordering a meal
    Read 1: Eating out in Brick Lane in east London
    Speak 1: Word stress when talking about food
  • Food and Dining Out (with exercises) - (esl-lab) :
    - Ordering at a Restaurant (Easy)
    - Heavenly Pies Restaurant (E)

Role-play :


  • Going to Restaurant: Ordering Food - A Simulation Role-play (
    "Students are divided into two groups: waiters and customers.
    Customers go around from restaurant to restaurant and order food.
    The lesson includes eight menus, role-play prompts and worksheets for customers and waiters."


INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Restaurants (
    ex : "The man who serves you in a restaurant is the ........ : servant ? waiter ?"
  • At a Restaurant - "Use the boxes on the left to write your choices." (
  • Restaurants - "Choose the right word to go into the drop-down box." ( :
    "fast food, cookbook, recipe, dish, menu, take-away, bill, ingredients, service, wait person, tip, dessert, bar, lounge, restaurant, order"

  • Food in the USA - What can you order in the following fast food restaurants ?
    " Match the items on the right with the items on the left." (Ac. Caen)

Activities TO PRINT :

  • American Restaurant Quiz
    - Multiple choice quiz about eating in restaurants in the US, with some common restaurant expressions at the end



Lesson plans :


  • Better tables for beautiful people in Paris restaurants (November 10, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Two trendy restaurants in Paris give good-looking people better tables than not-so-good-looking people. This is according to staff who used to work at the two eateries."

  • Menu shows exercise needed to lose weight - a lesson plan with AUDIO (April 30, 2013)
    "New research reveals that restaurant menus showing how much exercise is needed to burn off calories could be good for losing weight."


  • Eating Out -with Teachers'Notes - Site devenu payant
    Level: 2
    Language function: discussing issues; reading comprehension; restaurant communication
    Topic: eating out; food and drink; restaurants
    Word focus: food; restaurant language


Conversations :

  • Conversation Creation Cards - (
    "On the front of each card is an "everyday destination" (ex : a fast food restaurant), where a variety of activities typically take place and various nouns can be found.
    On the back is a grid with tips on grammar and sentence building, a list of suggested verbs to use and some images of a variety of nouns."


Jokes :

  • Ladies Lunch :
    "A group of girlfriends, all age 40, discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the waiters there were handsome, with tight pants and nice bums. 

    Ten years later, at age 50, the friends once again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the food was good and the wine selection was excellent. 

    Ten years later, at age 60, the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because they could dine in peace and quiet and the restaurant had a beautiful view of the ocean. 

    Ten years later, at age 70, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the restaurant was wheelchair accessible and had an elevator. 

    Ten years later, at age 80, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because they had never been there before." 


Cartoons :


Cartoon: New Restaurant Tipping Rules - 3 May 2016
+ VOCABULARY + ALSO SEE + Related articles



More Picky
Eater Cartoons

Cell phone section ?



  • Voici un jeu sur le principe de « The Big Wheel »
    pour travailler en 4ème les expressions à connaître sur une séquence « aller au restaurant » basée sur la méthode « Enjoy 4 ».
    Créé par Dulce Araujo (Ac. Nancy-Metz)
  • Restaurant vocabulary - Hangman - "Try your hand at this vocabulary of common restaurant terms." (


Songs :

  • Scenes From An Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel :
    "We'll get a table near the street
    In our old familiar place...
    Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight
    I'll meet you anytime you want
    In our Italian Restaurant"

  • Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies :
    "There's a restaurant down the street
    Where hungry people like to eat..."



Movies / Videos :


  • John Cleese: how to write the perfect farce - 17 February 2017
    "From the runaway rat in Fawlty Towers to Monty Python’s cheese shop, John Cleese has clocked up 50 years of sublime silliness.
    As his new comedy Bang Bang hits the stage, he talks about fear, Feydeau and his love of farce."


    A Biscuit with Your Rat? - Fawlty Towers - BBC
    "Basil the rat takes centre stage as Manuel finally catches his pet rodent in the restaurant."





  • Animated English - Restaurant Meal
    "Animated English is a series of animated video lessons for learners of English.
    Each lesson features a dialogue based on an everyday situation, a 'listen and repeat' activity, a listening comprehension text, and some personal questions. The accompanying PDF files contain transcripts, language notes, worksheets, crosswords and word search puzzles..."


  • Stereotypes: Restaurant (YouTube)





  • The Perfect Server - Taking an Order Part 1
    "Learn how to create a waitstaff that dazzles, delights, and delivers results. In this video,you'll learn how to take an order."



  • ESL Conversation: Restaurant Phrases and Vocabulary
    "Does the thought of ordering food at a restaurant in English make you nervous?
    Learn common vocabulary and phrases used in restaurants and on menus to make the experience even easier for you."






  • Deer dives through diner window
    "CCTV captures the moment when a deer dived through the window of an American restaurant in Livonia, Michigan.
    Restaurant owner Gjon Mahilli expressed his relief that staff and customers at the Coney Island restaurant were left startled, but unhurt."



  • Monkeys work in Japanese restaurant
    "Yatchan and Fukuchan (2 macaque monkeys) serve customers hot towels and drinks, and are given soya beans as tips."
    (BBC News)

    Restaurant turns to monkey business
    "A Japanese tavern has turned to two monkeys for help with its table service...
    The monkeys work in shifts of up to two hours a day due to Japanese animal rights regulations."