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(Updated on 16/09/2013)

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Ways of Looking : Pictures and Definitions

Body - Impressions : to look... as if / like


Vocabulary :

  • Learn about appearances ( :
    Height - Build - Hair -
    Eyes - Type of hair - Complexion - Other features
    ("Point your cursor over the named feature, if you're correct the word will appear.")

    Lien modifié



Listening :

  • I wandered lonely as a cloud (
    by William Wordsworth (Read and listen) - (

    William Wordsworth, British poet


INTERACTIVE exercises :



Exercises TO PRINT :


  • Ways of Looking (
    - A vocabulary exercise based on situations from The Maltese Falcon :
    "Use the context provided ... to choose the correct verb for each sentence.
    Note that the situations are in the past. frown, stare, peep, wink, glance, blink, squint, glare, gaze, glimpse"



Idioms :






  • Eye, Ear and Nose Idioms - with explanations and interactive quizzes (
    - catch one`s eye
    - eyes pop out
    - get the eye
    - give someone the eye
    - have eyes only for
    - keep an eye on
    - make eyes at
    - stars in one`s eyes...


Proverbs :



Poems :

  • In a foreign city - a poem by Elizabeth Jennings ( :

    "You cannot speak for no one knows
    Your language. You must try to catch
    By glances or a steadfast gaze
    The attitude of those you watch...
    Noises may find you but not speech...
    Now you have circled silence, stare
    With all the subtlety of sight.
    Noise may trap ears but eye discerns"

    Elizabeth Jennings, British poet

  • I wandered lonely as a cloud (
    by William Wordsworth (Read and listen) - (

    William Wordsworth, British poet

Songs :

  • Amazing by Aerosmith :
    "It's Amazing,
    With the blink of an eye you finally see the light."
  • In The Crossfire by Starsailor :
    "I don't see myself when I look in the mirror
    I see who I should be
    I don't see myself when I look in your eyes"
  • So Beautiful by Dashboard Confessional :
    "I heard that you were home again, but you don't look like your back to me
    With your focuses changing your gaze is transfixed on a point that I can't often see...
    Though the sparkle is gone, the smile is in place so that everyone watching can see"


Cartoons :



Videos :

  • Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak

    Where the Wild Things Are
    "The book is about the imaginary adventures of a young boy named Max, who is punished for "making mischief" by being sent to his room without supper..."
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