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Mots interrogatifs



Examples :


Listening :

  • Questions with 'like'
    'Like' is a word frequently used in English. It is used in different ways and
    in this programme we compare three different uses:
    talking about personality, physical appearance and hobbies.
    In the programme we challenge Lorenzo from Italy to listen to answers
    and produce the correct question forms.

    + grammar explanation + interactive quiz
  • Interview . (
    "A small exercise with sound files and multiple choice questions for low level students."


INTERACTIVE exercises :



  • Questions ( :
    Fill in question words - part 1 (easy)
    Fill in question words - part 2 (easy)
    Forming questions (Answer given) - part 1 (easy)
    Forming questions (Answer given) - part 2 (easy)
    Forming questions (Answer given) - part 3 (medium)
    Mistakes in questions - part 1 (easy)
    Mistakes in questions - part 2 (medium)
    Question with question word - Word order (easy)
    Question tags (medium)
    Short answers - part 1 (easy)
    Short answers - part 2 (easy)
    Short answers - part 3 (medium)
    Yes/No Question - Word order (easy)
  • QUESTIONS - "Trouvez les questions qui ont provoqué ces réponses." (6ème)
    (Eric Santoni)
  • PAST QUESTIONS - "Trouvez les questions qui ont provoqué ces réponses." (interactive) - (Eric Santoni)
  • Polite requests - Who would make these requests?
    ex : "Could you tell me how much it costs?
    a) a boss to a secretary
    b) a customer to a sales person
    c) a visitor to a company
    d) a policeman to a prisoner


  • Bombs Away is a two player game that can be used to practice sentence formation or yes/no question and answer.

  • Big Town - a game (
    It "is a small little town settled somewhere between here and there.
    There are over 80 residents in Big Town and even some that you would not likely expect.
    The cards contain a picture and all sorts of information
    , name, age, birthday, height, weight, number of family members nationality, occupation, place of work, evening schedule, hobbies/interests, and a few of their favorite things.
    There are adults, children, aliens, warriors, princesses, and more, all the ingredients for a very vibrant town."

  • Play 20 Questions - permet de travailler les Yes / No Questions (


Songs :

  • Another Cup Of Coffee by Mike & The Mechanics ( :
    "Where are your friends
    Where are your children
    Is this your house
    Is this your home
    Does nothing ever last forever
    Does everybody sleep alone..."
    Suggestion d'activité : Donner les mots et faire construire les questions.
    - with the video

  • Préposition à la fin de la question :

    • The Quest - sung by Bryn Christopher - Grey's Anatomy Music Video - Season 4 finale
      - the LYRICS
      "I know it is a life to live lately...
      I feel numb, I’m alive...
      What I’m gonna live for
      What I’m gonna die for
      Who you gonna fight for
      I can’t answer that"


    • What Are You Looking For by 7 Mile
      "What do you see when you look inside your soul?
      If it ain't love, what are you lookin' for?"

    • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
      "I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...
      Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

    • Hold On by Good Charlotte :
      "What are you looking for?
      What are you waiting for?"

    • Left of Center by Suzanne Vega ( :
      "What are you looking at?"

    • What Does He Look Like? by Irving Berlin

    • What does she look like? by Honeyz

    • Broken English by Marianne Faithfull :
      "What are you fighting for ?

    • All out of love by Air Supply :
      "What are you thinking of ?"


Videos :

  • Sing: WH-Questions - activity with a movie segment


  • Lesson 4: What Is It? - Text + Audio + Video
    "This week Anna meets some friends to go out for coffee. Watch and see what Anna has in her bag."

  • Lesson 5: Where Are You? - Text + Audio + Video
    "This week Anna and her roommate Marsha visit the home of a friend, Carm."






Cartoons :

  • Dating - a cartoon
    (Faire imaginer les questions...)