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(Updated on 06/02/2013)


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Names / Nouns



Vocabulary :


  • Ordnance Survey lists nicknames for British places
    "From Auld Reekie to Spaghetti Junction, the weird and wonderful nicknames given to towns, streets and buildings across Britain are being compiled into an "alternative gazeteer"."



  • The Origins of 10 Nicknames  : Dick / Bill / Hank / Jack / Chuck / Peggy / Ted / Harry / Jim / Sally

  • Chinese babies named 'Olympic Games'
    "More than 4,000 children in China have been given the name Aoyun, meaning Olympic Games, in the past 15 years...
    It is not uncommon for Chinese children to be given names of common events and popular slogans
    - such as Defend China, Build the Nation and Space Travel...
    babies have also been given names such as Hope for Sichuan, to show solidarity with earthquake victims."


  • Patronymica Britannica,
    a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom by Mark Antony Lower
  • The origin and signification of Scottish surnames.
    With a vocabulary of Christian names by Clifford Stanley Sims

  • Pen name (Wikipedia)
    1 In Persian and Urdu Poetry
    2 In Japan
    3 Famous pen names
    4 "House" names...

  • Famous Pen Names (
    "Many authors have published some or all of their works under a pseudonym, or Nom de Plume (Pen Name)."


Pronunciation :

    "Cette activité (interactive) reprend les 25 prénoms d'hommes et 25 prénoms de femmes
    les plus répandus aux Etats-Unis "
  • Carte des USA : retrouver les différents Etats de 3 manières différentes,
    avec "puzzle, clues or labels" - utilisable à différents niveaux.
    On peut entendre la prononciation de chaque Etat.


Facts :

  • 20 Archetypes for People Based on Names
    "Various expressions have arisen, sometimes from folkloric or historical origins, to describe types of people by assigning them with personal names.
    Here are twenty such appellations and their definitions and (sometimes only probable) origins."

    For example:
    "Average Joe: the average man from a demographic viewpoint; from the ubiquity of the name Joe"



  • In pictures: Top ten tech-related baby names
    "After parents name their child hashtag in honour of social network Twitter, Jennifer O'Mahony picks ten of the best tech-related names from your virtual life for your real baby."



Expressions :

  • The Many Uses of John
    "Although male names like AidenJayden, and Santiago lead in popularity among various ethnic and social groups in the U.S.,
    the name John comes only after James as the most popular in the total population according to 1990 census figures.
    The long-standing popularity of John has spawned numerous expressions in English, not all of them likely to please bearers of the name."



Listening :



Grammar :


Word formation :

  • Informal Names : Formal name - Diminutive (
    - an explanation, examples, how to use these names, and a practice exercise to print
  • Behind the name - the etymology and history of first names (


Maps :



Essays :

  • English Surnames by Mark Antony Lower - the text
    An essay on family nomenclature, historical, etymological, and humorous



INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • "Guess the sex of these names! (
    Some names are commonly used for both men and women,
    so there are three choices 'Male,' 'Female' or 'Both'."
  • When the name matches the job! - Activities created by Renée Maufroid
    Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search
    "The one who sells papers is Mr News" :



Exercises TO PRINT :


  • Informal Names : Formal name - Diminutive (
    - an explanation, examples, how to use these names, and a practice exercise to print
  • Synonyms (with answers ) : Say It Again! (PDF) - (
    "Increase your vocabulary by deciphering the following references to wellknown fairy tales and nursery rhymes."
    ex : "Lovely Somnambulist Wakened by Royal Caress" = ... ???


Lesson plans :

  • The Most Unfortunate Names in Britain - a lesson plan
    "The bizarre, unlucky names include Barb Dwyer, Hazel Nutt, Jo King, Justin Case, Barry Cade and Mary Christmas."


    'Most unfortunate names' revealed (BBC)

    Pearl Button
    Jo King
    Barry Cade
    Carrie Oakey
    Priti Manek
    Tim Burr

  • Names. "Take a look at the article, story, cartoon, trivia, links and word game."
    (British Council)




  • Noun Dunk - a game - (
    Tell the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.




Games TO PRINT :


Songs :

  • Wanna Live Forever? Become A Noun
    "Joseph Guillotin, Henry Shrapnel and Jules Leotard became immortal -- by entering the English language.
    But when your entire life is reduced to a single definition, the results are sometimes upsetting..."


  • Geography Songs ( : - UPDATED
    > Songs about Countries, Continents, Provinces and Regions
    > Songs about U.S. States or Regions
    > Songs about Cities and Places
    > Songs about Streets or Roads
    > Songs about Natural Features, Islands and Points of Interest
    > Other Musical Geographical References
  • Mambo No. 5 by Bega Lou :
    "I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita...
    a little bit of Monica in my life
    a little bit of Erica by my side
    a little bit of Rita is all I need
    a little bit of Tina is what I see
    a little bit of Sandra in the sun
    a little bit of Mary all night long
    a little bit of Jessica here I am"

Cartoons :