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(Updated on 12/03/2013)


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PHONETIQUE - Prononciation (page vocabulaire: sites-ressources) -
Paires - Preterit simple - Tongue twisters
Sons / Bruitages / Videos / Animations FLASH - VIDEO -
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The sounds :

  • Mise en place des phonèmes
    "Yvan's Laboratory : Micro-casque sur les oreilles ?
    Allez écouter et répéter en cliquant sur les mots soulignés.
    (une fois sur la page, cliquez sur les bulles pour afficher les mots)"
    (Yvan BAPTISTE - Ac. Montpellier)



  • English Pronunciation/Listening from New Okanagan College ( :
    Movies / Videos / Lessons / Dictations / Minimal Pairs / Tongue Twisters...
  • PHONEMS vs GRAPHEMS (Yvan BAPTISTE - Académie de Montpellier)
    'What you say or hear (sound)' vs 'What you write or read (spelling)'
  • Silent letters
    "Many letters are silent in English, see if you can answer the questions."
    - Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • English Pronunciation (Okanagan University College, Canada)
    - Minimal pairs - Tongue-twisters - Dictation...
    (see : Unit One: TH, as in THINK, BATHROOM, and TEETH. / Unit Two: TH, as in THOSE, MOTHER and SOOTHE...)


  • Pronouncing English Sounds - (
    "You will find:
    - Pictures of how your mouth looks when you say sounds.
    - A description of how to make the sound.
    - Audio recordings of some words with that sound (real media).
    - Video recordings of someone saying words with that sound.
    with an activities section and a Word Stress page.



  • The vowel machine - (
    "a program designed to help you to learn to recognise English vowel sounds.
    Each time you click the SPIN button, three words will appear and you will hear one of them.
    Your task is to choose the right one.
    You can choose to see the words in ordinary English spelling or in phonetic transcription."

  • There once was a lady from Niger - schwa exercise (
    Cet exercice est suivi d'activités similaires appliquées à des textes différents.

  • How to be British No. 20: How to pronounce the th - UPDATED



  • Plural nouns.
    "How is the "s" prononced? it can be: /z/or /s/or /iz/
    Make your choice!"

    - Activity created by: Renée Maufroid



  • Tri au vol
    "Tu vas devoir trier les verbes réguliers en fonction de la prononciation de leur terminaison.

    Avec la souris, fais glisser le verbe vers le groupe auquel il appartient."
    - Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Odd man out.
    "There is one word in every list which has a different sound from the other words,
    can you decide which one it is?

    - Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Are you having trouble saying WOOL, WOOD, and WOLVES? Watch this video.

  • How to make the sound that you can find in words like Zsa-Zsa and OCCASION.Watch the video.

  • Mots transparents (Yvan Baptiste)
    " 90 words that look familiar... Do you know how to pronounce them in English?" (Training and Tests)"'



Minimal pairs :

  • English Pronunciation/Listening from New Okanagan College ( :
    Movies / Videos / Lessons / Dictations / Minimal Pairs / Tongue Twisters...


  • Learning English - Pronunciation tips (BBC) :
    "This course, by lecturer and EFL writer Alan Stanton, gives tips on some common pronunciation problems for self-study learners with a lower intermediate knowledge of English.
    Each unit concentrates on a common pronunciation problem and helps the learner to distinguish between similar sounds."
    Unit 1: Key and Pin
    Unit 2: Book and Do
    Unit 3: Door and Coat
    Unit 4: Egg, Cat and Cup
    Unit 5: Sock and Coat


Heteronyms / Homographs :

  • The Heteronym Page (
    "A Heteronym is a word that has the same spelling as another word but with a different pronunciation and meaning. These words are sometimes also called homographs."


Tonic accent :

Presentation - Listening - Interactive exercises - Exercises to print - Songs

  • Presentation :

    • Word Stress
      explanation - compound nouns -
      noun+noun compounds - phrasal verbs
      homographs (look-alikes)

    • Word Stress in English with Quiz
      Understanding Syllables for Word Stress
      What is Word Stress?
      Why is Word Stress Important?
      Where do I Put Word Stress?
      Word Stress Rules
      Word Stress Quiz






  • Songs :

    • Love Profusion sung by Madonna :
      questions / solution / resurrection / confusion / profusion / vibration / direction / comprehension / isolation / destruction / celebration / intention
      with the
      VIDEO (You Tube)




Phrasal stress :


  • Phrasal Stress
    Patterns - Listen & Practice - Related Topics - More Information



Sentence stress :

  • SENTENCE STRESS - interactive
    "Listen to the sentences and click on the stressed word."


  • Let Me Out sung by Ben's Brother
    Très intéressant pour le rhythme et accents de phrases.
    "I d rather be wandering hungry and homeless
    Than here in the warmth of a silent defeat
    You ve gotta be honest with me and be ruthless
    stead of shifting uncomfortably there in your seat"

    - the VIDEO




'Chunking' :

  • Chunking
    "One function of prosody is to divide speech into chunks, so that each chunk sounds complete.
    Prosodic chunks are variously known as information-units, tone-units, tone-groups, intonational phrases, or word groups.
    Chunking prosody can be done in various ways, but the sound of it and its communicative function can be recognised when
    it shows different meanings of two otherwise identical utterances..."



Thought groups :

  • Thought Groups
    Patterns - Listen & Practice - Related Topics - More Information
    "When we speak English, our listeners don't see the punctuation, but we don't generally run all the words together in a stream of equally-emphasized words either; we group words by their meaning, and pause between them.
    This allows us to speak in phrases or thought groups, and to pause just after important information that we emphasize."




Poems and Rhyme Phrases :

  • Listen to the poem and fill in the missing words.(interactive) - (
    - Travail sur les différentes prononciations de 'ea'
  • Rhyme Phrases with a Hiccup - (
    "This is a list of words and phrases that have a rhyming pattern similar to that of "eye in the sky",
    that is, a beginning, a two syllable space, and a rhyming end."
    ex : eye in the sky / drunk as a skunk / fun in the sun / stone to the bone...



  • The Ages of English Timeline
    "From a West Saxon dialect to a global phenomena, from runes to rap, the development of English follows a fascinating trail.
    Ever wondered how Beowulf sounded?
    Why 'pickleherring' was one of Johnson's choice insults?
    Explore the ten ages of English in this interactive timeline and find out."