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Facts :

  • The slow death of prohibition - 21 March 2012
    "In some parts of the United States prohibition never ended - but how much longer can the remaining "dry" counties stay alcohol-free?"

    + VIDEO
  • A Guide to the Roaring Twenties
    "The 1920s were a time of great change for America and Western Europe. During the Roaring 20s, America saw jazz music flourish,
    women coming into their own, and the stock market crashing. It also saw huge industrial growth and a break from the traditions that dominated the country before World War I."



  • Al Capone (Wikipedia)
    1 Birth and early life
    2 Capone in Chicago
    3 Fall of Capone
    4 Death and aftermath
    5 Popular culture
    6 External links






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  • Al Capone Wanted blank poster  - UPDATED
    - "An illustrated blank 'Wanted Poster' with spaces for pupils to write about Al Capone, prohibition and the St Valentine's Day massacre."



Lesson plans :

Webquests :

  • Al Capone Webquest (
    Click on "Terminales".
    "In this adventure, you will travel back in history to the years 1920-1930.
    The Roaring Twenties, Prohibition or Black Tuesday are the expressions you might come across....
    You will be studying this time period by focusing on the conflicting lifestyles of Al Capone and Eliot Ness..."

  • The 1920's and Its Excesses: A Web Quest ( - UPDATED
    "The 1920's in America was a period of opulence and excess. Our romantic image of the Jazz Age (Roaring Twenties) is heightened by the images of flappers, pin striped suits, Model T's, the Charleston, Prohibition, and Speakeasies.
    The Task :
    How were such romantic excesses of the Jazz Age reported at the time? In order to answer these questions you must know the culture of the day, "live" the times, and "become" the people. As reporters for a Jazz Age newspaper, you and your classmates will be able to assume the identities of '20s correspondents. Your task will be to report the news as it happened."

  • Prohibition Webquest (
    "You will need to research the history of Prohibition, its effectiveness and other results of the 18th Amendment..."
  • 1920s Webquest ( - UPDATED
    "The decade was called the "Roaring '20s" or The Jazz Age, and Hollywood movies glamorized it!  For historians and journalists, however, the 1920s are often seen as the beginning of modern America, a decade that helped set the tone for the rest of the century. You will visit a number of Web sites. As you visit each site, answer the questions below (short answers!)."
  • The Great Gatsby WebQuest (
    "Was the 1920's a time of decline for the American Dream, or was it a time for the dream to be transformed?"



Cinema / TV series :



  • The Prohibition Years (mikemckiernan)
    "Tommyguns, bootleg booze, dance hall girls and Al Capone. These were the "Roaring Twenties", the beginning of the mob...
    and the Gangster Film."
    Al Capone - The Cotton Club - Bugsy Malone - Scarface - Once Upon a Time in America - The Untouchables...


Cartoons :


  • Prohibition - Constitutional Prohibition of the Consumption of Alcohol (1919-1933)


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Songs :


  • Al Capone - The Most Famous Mafia Mobster| Mini Bio | BIO
    "The most famous mafia mobster ever to live, Al Capone, also known as Scarface, was born into an Italian immigrant family in 1899 in Brooklyn. He rose to infamy as the leader of the Chicago mafia during the Prohibition era."