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(Updated on 29/08/2016)

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The town




Exercises TO PRINT :


  • Where are the ghosts ? - Haunted House Information Gap (
    "In the kitchen, on the stove. This information gap covers prepositions, furniture and rooms in a house."
    (Haunted House Gap A + Haunted House Gap B)

  • Directions - activity to print (Using English) :
    ex : "It's the second road ____ the left."
    1) at 2) to 3) on

  • Preposition Practice ( - with answers ) - (Education World)
    "Exercise 1: Under each sentence, copy the prepositional phrase from that sentence. Circle the object of the preposition and underline the preposition.
    Exercise 2: Rewrite each sentence, adding a prepositional phrase to each.
    Exercise 3: World's Longest Sentence - Write one sentence in which you use as many prepositional phrases as you can."

  • Prepositions ( - with answers ) - (Education World)
    "1. Complete each sentence by adding a preposition from the box.
    2. Unjumble the prepositions.
    3. Write the missing preposition.
    4. Circle the correct preposition in the parentheses.
    5. Add different prepositions to give each sentence in the pair a different meaning.
    6. Write sentences of your own, using prepositions from the box.
    7. In each sentence circle the preposition and underline the object of the preposition.
    8. Circle the prepositions in the grid and then use them to fill the spaces in the sentences."

  • Prepositional Phrases ( - with answers ) - (Education World)
    1. For each prepositional phrase choose from the box a word that has a similar meaning.
    2. Draw lines to link the prepositional phrases that have opposite meanings.
    3. Choose the best prepositional phrase from the box to complete each sentence.
    4. Underline the prepositional phrases in these sentences.
    5. Look at each underlined phrase. Write 'how' if it tells how an action happens, 'when' if it tells when an action happens, or 'where' if it tells where an action happens.
    6. Write a sentence of your own using each prepositional phrase as an adverb.


Lesson plans : Hyde Park

  • Allied: Prepositions - an activity with a movie segment


  • Drawing dictation
    "This lesson is for teenagers or young adults with a language level of A2-B2 and focuses on using prepositions of place to describe and draw a picture."
    Level A2 - B2
    Time: 50-60 minutes

  • La sécurité routière (.zip)
    Savoir comprendre et établir des règles 6ème
    - Séquence créée par Karine GAVOILLE  (Ac. Nancy-Metz)

    "J'ai préparé une séquence sur les modaux basiques avec les 6e sur le thème de la sécurité routière
    (Tâche finale: Présenter une saynète en anglais sur une leçon d'auto-école).
    En tâche intermédiaire, je leur fais créer des dominos sur les panneaux, dominos avec lesquels je joue pendant une séance
    avec mes 5e juste avant qu'ils ne passent l'ASSR 1..."

  • Une séquence pour les 5e sur le thème : street signs, traffic rules et directions, créée par Isabelle Boresy (Ac. Amiens)
    - A2 Giving directions (mp3)
    - Directions (.zip)
    - Giving directions - Exercices 1 (pdf)
    - Giving directions - Transcript 1 (pdf)
    - Street signs (.zip)





  • Find the house - AUDIO (

  • Directions - "Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs."
    (Michel Barbot)

  • Street map - "Select the correct preposition from the drop-down menu." (Michel Barbot)

  • Asking for directions - (Michel Barbot)
    "Look at the map, follow the instructions and say where exactly they will take you."

  • Directions / asking the way (10 exercises) - interactive (Michel Barbot)
  • Find the missing buildings
    "Read the sentences and click on the map to find the missing buildings." (révision des prépositions)

    (The Bus Stop)

Riddles TO PRINT :

  • Where are the ghosts ? (
    "In the kitchen, on the stove. This information gap covers prepositions, furniture and rooms in a house."
    (Haunted House Gap A + Haunted House Gap B)







Games TO PRINT :

  • The Home Game (onestopenglish)
    "Students practise names of household furniture and prepositions of place."


Stories :

  • A story with a cat and a mouse - read to you. (révision des prépositions) - (kizclub)





Cartoons :



Songs :



  • Prépositions à la fin de la phrase :

    HOT CHIP - One Life Stand
    "Tell me where you've been to...
    tell me what you're good for..."

    + the VIDEO (YouTube)

    The Quest - sung by Bryn Christopher < - Grey's Anatomy Music Video - Season 4 finale
    - the LYRICS
    "I know it is a life to live lately...
    I feel numb, I’m alive...
    What I’m gonna live for
    What I’m gonna die for
    Who you gonna fight for
    I can’t answer that"


    Temptation Waits sung by Garbage :
    "I am a wolf
    but I like to wear sheep's clothing...
    When I'm not sure what I'm living for
    (When I'm not sure who I am)
    When I'm not sure what I'm looking for"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)

    What Are You Looking For by 7 Mile

    Baby Jane by Rod Stewart
    "I knew you when you had no one to talk to"

    That's What Friends Are For by Stevie Wonder

Hold On by Good Charlotte :
"What are you looking for?
What are you waiting for?"

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
"I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Left of Center by Suzanne Vega :
"What are you looking at?"

What Does He Look Like? by Irving Berlin

What does she look like ? by Honeyz

Broken English by Marianne Faithfull :
"What are you fighting for ?"

All out of love by Air Supply :
"What are you thinking of ?"

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2

A shoulder to cry on by Tommy Page :
"And when you need a shoulder to cry on,
When you need a friend to rely on..."

If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield :
"And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in you're the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life"