"It is a type of word created by Lewis Carroll in 1882 .
This is a word produced by combining other words or parts of words ."

WORKAHOLIC = Work + Addicted + Alcoholic

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Examples : (cinema + complex = cineplex)

  • 'chillax', "a recent introduction combining chill and relax."
  • Californication 
    "is a portmanteau of the words California and fornication, appearing in Time on May 6, 1966[1] and written about on August 21, 1972,
    additionally seen on bumper stickers in the U.S. states of ArizonaNevadaColoradoOregonIdaho,[2]and Washington.[3] 
    It was a term popular in the 1970s and referring primarily to the "haphazard, mindless development [of land] that has already gobbled up
    most of Southern California",[4] which some attributed to an influx of Californians to other states in the Western United States..."


    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
    Lyrics below the video on YouTube.
    "Pay your surgeon very well
    To break the spell of aging
    Celebrity skin is this your chin
    Or is that war your waging..."



  • Sandwiches in a TIN
    "U.S. inventors have dreamt up the ultimate in lunchtime convenience food for busy consumers - a sandwich in a can.
    The aptly named Candwich comes in three flavours - peanut butter and strawberry jam, peanut butter and grape jam and barbecue chicken
    - and is being sold in vending machines across Utah."

    Candwich is an example of a portmanteau word, where two (or more) words (or parts of words) are combined to create a new word.



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Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Portmanteau words (activitice)
    (= words "produced by combining other words or parts of words") -
    "Try to find out the composition, then the meaning..."



  • "Portmanteau Words" - "Read this little book and learn about "portmanteau words"."
    - and play the game : Hangman
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


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