July 11th

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(Updated on 29/06/2013)


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Sites-ressources :



  • World population (Wikipedia)
    1 Historical figures
    2 Rate of increase
    - 2.1 Milestones
    3 Population distribution
    4 Demographics of youth
    5 Forecast of world population
    6 Predictions based on our growing population
    7 Number of humans that have ever lived...


  • American History - PowerPoint Presentations (
    Explorers - Civil War - Government -
    Native Americans - Industrial/Immigration - Geography -
    Colonial Times - Great Depression - Patriotic Symbols -
    Revolutionary War - Civil Rights - Multicultural -
    Western Expansion - World Wars - Many More

  • Overpopulation (British Council)
    "Take a look at the article, story, cartoon, word game, trivia and links."



  • Rankings (permet un travail sur les superlatifs et comparatifs)
    "Which country has the smallest land mass? Which has the youngest population? Which has the lowest infant mortality rate? Our rankings pages rank countries and territories by more than 50 geographic, demographic, economic and military criteria."


  • Geography Action! (National Geographic) "is an annual conservation and awareness program designed to educate and excite people about natural, cultural, and historic treasures. Each year, they will present a different topic related to conservation and the environment. The Geography Action! program features:
    a) Kids Take Action!, an activity-based conservation awareness program ;
    b) Geography Awareness Week, a series of events to celebrate conservation;
    c) Lesson Plans;
    d) Games; and
    e)Photo Galleries.
    Topics so far include:
    Biodiversity, Conservation, Habitats, Population, Rivers, U.S. Public Lands


    "This is a website about race, racism and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids.
    Would you like to...hang out with a Britkid, or go into town?"



Maps :


  • World Population Honeycomb Map (
    "Grasp the relative population, geographic area, and density of the world's biggest countries...
    You control how the countries are grouped within the Honeycomb, what data is represented by the size of the square
    (population, size, or density) and what is represented by the color of the square.
    Clicking on any square will display the country's quick facts, along with a link to its Wikipedia entry." (

  • Carte du monde interactive : Human Numbers Through Time -
    "Examine the startling population growth over the past two millennia,
    and see what's coming in the next 50 years."


  • Maps ( :
    - Islamic world
    - Pakistan, India, Bangladesh
    - British & other European empires
    - Caribbean (British Islands)


Vocabulary :

  • - Glossary
    "This Glossary is intended as an educational tool for parents, children, teachers, students, and researchers.
    It is an offering of information, of history, and of possibilities.
    The definitions are specific to the current usage of the terms in the United States."


Facts :

  • In pictures: British Asians - 9 August 2013
    "There are over 750.000 British people of Indian and Pakistani origin living in England."



Listening :



INTERACTIVE activities :



Lesson plans :

  • White children nearly a minority in USA (June 15, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Statistics recently released from the USA's Census Bureau have shown the changing demographics in the U.S.
    The figures show that white children in the country are set to become a minority within the next year or two."

  • Population to Hit 7 Billion on Halloween (25th October, 2011) - a lesson plan




Cartoons :




Songs :


  • Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Melua :
    "There are six BILLION people in the world
    More or less
    and it makes me feel quite small
    But you're the one I love the most of all."


Videos :

  • The changing state of US ethnicity - 3 November 2012
    "This video looks at where US immigrants have originated from in the past,
    how the US population has defined itself within government census data and how these patterns could change in the future."



  • Population Animation
    - "Choose the animation or the interactive timeline to find out how the population of Britain (or Ireland) has changed since earliest times." (BBC)