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The Great Plague of London


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History :


  • The Plague of 1665 (
    with a popular nursery rhyme of the time:
    "Ring-a-ring of roses,
    A pocketful of posies,
    Attischo, Attischo,
    We all fall down."
  • Plague (Channel 4)
    Story of the plague | Where they died ( Flash movie ) | What is plague? | Ask the experts | Find out more


  • London : 1665 : Year of Plague (
    "Based on the novel Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe, this demo using Macromedia's Flash creates the framework for looking at the period through various aspects including history, culture and art."





PowerPoint Presentations :

  • Black Death - Free Presentations in PowerPoint format (


  • The Black Death (
    "A PowerPoint presentation to provides information about the origins of, spread of and cures for the Black Death."



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Listening :

  • Black Death Older Than We Thought - Text + Audio + Quiz - 26 October 2015
    "Bubonic Plague killed more than half of the European population during the 1300s. But that is not the first time it killed.
    Researchers say the plague may have affected earlier civilizations.
    Read on to learn more about the plague as well as how to use the expression, "cause quite a stir."

  • "A Journal of the Plague Year" : Hear a sample. (



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Lesson plans :

  • The Plague - Fiche d'activité pédagogique - Niveau 3ème (CNDP)
    Contenu de la séquence proposée - Déroulement de la séquence - Fiche élève - Corrigé
    Objectifs :
    - Culturel : la peste de Londres (1665)
    - Lexical : la maladie (symptômes, douleurs, etc.)
    - Grammaticaux : forme passive, expressions de l'interdiction et de l'obligation
    - Linguistiques : compréhension écrite, production écrite et orale






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Poems :

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