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(Updated on 08/08/2013)


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Internet piracy

Treasure Island


History / Facts :

  • Miniature spy helicopter used to hunt pirates
    "It is only seven foot long and weighs just 49lbs but it is the latest weapon in the war on piracy in Africa...
    A remote-controlled mini-helicopter, which can fire tasers, grenades and shotgun shells, is being used to track pirates off the Horn of Africa and enforce law on the streets in the US...
    The discreet Shadowhawk UAV is proving an effective crime-fighting solution for both police forces and private companies."




  • Scots firm's laser gun to foil Somali pirates
    "A LASER that dazzles and disorientates has been developed by a Scottish firm to help shipowners ward off pirate attacks...
    The laser, which costs £55,000, affects the vision of anyone on which it is trained for up to 30 minutes and makes them feel nauseous and disorientated."




  • Preventing a pirate attack + Anti-piracy Weapons
    "Oil tankers are the floating goldmines of the ocean and it is of little wonder that pirates see them as attractive, if not imposing, targets." 

  • A Swashbuckling World Record Attempt
    "The date: Sunday 3rd May, the place: Brixham Harbour in Devon.
    And the event? An attempt to beat the current World Record for the biggest number of pirates gathering in one place...
    To be counted for the record, every pirate had to wear a pirate hat or bandana, eye patch, sword, pirate shirt or blouse, waistcoat, pirate trousers (no jeans), skirt or dress. Pirates also had to stay within Brixham harbour for at least 15 minutes...
    There were pirates singing sea shanties, juggling pirates, sword fighting pirates and pirates on stilts."




  • Somali pirates seize French yacht (04/04/2008)
    "Pirates have boarded a luxury French yacht off the coast of Somalia, taking all its 30 crew hostage, French officials and the ship's owners say."



  • Piracy (Wikipedia)
    1 Ancient Piracy - 2 Middle Ages
    3 Piracy in the Kerala Coast - 4 Piracy in East Asia - 5 Piracy in the Caribbean
    6 Life as a pirate - 7 Famous historical pirates/privateers - 8 Privateers - 9 Commerce raiders
    10 Piracy attacks decline - 11 Modern piracy
    12 Piracy in international law
    13 Other terms for pirates
    14 Modern victims - 15 In popular culture and fiction - 16 See also

    17 References
    17.1 Modern piracy
    17.2 Just for Fun
    17.3 Historic piracy
    17.4 Pirate language...
  • All about pirates! (
    Anne Bonny - Blackbeard - Jean Lafitte - Museums
    Pictures of Pirates - Ships and Sailing - Shipwrecks
    Sir Francis Drake - Sir Henry Morgan - William Dampier - William Kidd
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, in fact and Fiction (
    History :
    Preface:The Philosophy of the Pirates Page.
    Piracy: Then and Now (A brief history)
    What be a Pirate, Privateer, etc.
    A Pyrate's Life - Lifestyle, Organization, etc.

    Pirate Specifics :
    The Jolly Roger
    Pyrate Medicine
    Myths & Monsters
    Piece of Eight, Doubloons

    Tools of the Trade :
    A Pirate Arsenal (Weapons)
    The Ships
    A Pyrates Who's Who (of the Caribbean)
    Notorious Places of Pirate Lore...

Vocabulary :


  • Translated phrases (
    "These are a few commonly used words and phrases that pirates use translated into other languages."

  • A Pirate's Vocabulary (
    1.1 Piratey Expressions
    1.2 Important Piratey Words
    1.3 People Words
    1.4 Object Words
    1.5 Action Words


Cliparts, Flashcards and Pictures :


What is a pirate made of ?




Pirate Clipart


Pirate Clipart

Pirate Clipart


The Pirate Cards:
"These cards teach numbers,
adjectives and 'with'."



PowerPoint Presentations :

  • Pirates - Free Presentations in PowerPoint format


Listening :

  • Piracy, Kidnapping Increase in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea - Text + Audio - 3 May 2016
    "The International Maritime Bureau said two of three ship hijackings around the world took place in West African waters.
    One expert says navies in the area are getting better at stopping pirates but more needs to be done."


INTERACTIVE activities :


  • Treasure Island (maze) - interactive
    Find the treasure.



Activities TO PRINT :


  • Pirates (
    - Poem : 'Pirate Story' By Robert Louis Stevenson
    - Design A Jolly Roger
    - The Compass
    - Sites To See
    - Make A Treasure Map
    - Pirate Dress Up Day
    - Treasure Hunt
    - Coins
    - Stories to Read-Online
    - Vocabulary
    - Coloring Pages


Lesson plans :


Webquests :

  • Pirates Treasure Hunt (
    "If you can solve the clues, you will find all the Pirate's Treasure and a neat Certificate to print out."


  • Ms. McGill's Pirate WebQuest (
    "Arrrrgh me mateys! Today you will have t' choose if yer pirate enough t'embark on a dangerous adventure. Have ya ever wondered if thar really was such a thin' as pirates? Or be they just make-beleive characters in fairy tales?
    Are you ready t' find out t' truth? Can you handle t' truth? Or be you too much o' a swashbuckler?"

  • Pirates - Webquest (
    "What images come to your mind when you hear the word pirates  bloodthirsty adventurers searching for chests of gold and walking the plank? Did you know there were women pirates, and even a man who was a knight for the Queen of England? Are you prepared to go on your own pirate adventure? If so  read on!"



  • Treasure Island - a game to practise 'there is - there are' (
    "There are hidden dangers and we must be careful as we search the island to find the lost treasure.
    The game is played in pairs.
    One students plays the pirate and hides the treasure.
    The second student is the explorer and searches for the treasure."

Games TO PRINT :


Stories :

  • The old sailor : The story + Interactive activities
    Created by Rodolphe Maurel :
    "J’ai mené cette activité avec mes troisièmes. La tâche finale était une prise de parole en continu : être capable de raconter la blague...
    Le détail de la séquence ici."



Songs :


  • The pirates song - with a printable activity

  • "Pirate song" by David Rovics.
    1. Click on the pirate to see the animation and enjoy David's song.
    2. You can read the lyrics if you click on the ship and use the dictionary if you want.
    3. Play the game. Good luck!
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid

  • Pirates in the bathroom by Joe Thompson.
    "Watch the video and enjoy Joe's song.
    Now do the activity, all the words are in the song."

    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid



Cartoons :


Cartoon: Chinese Pirates



Land Ho!

Garage sale


Videos :


  • New water cannon to deter pirates from boarding ships
    "A high pressure water cannon has been specially modified to deter pirates from boarding cargo ships and holding the crew hostage.
    Amanda Murray from Dasic Marine and Craig Rivett from Maritime Protective Services engineered the device and explained how it works."





Cinema :