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Lists :

  • English Phrasal Verbs
    Alphabetical lists of English phrasal verbs with meaning and examples.

  • Phrasal Verbs (
    Alphabetical groups of meanings and examples

  • Phrasal Verbs List - "about 200 common phrasal verbs, with meanings and examples"
    (English Club)


Introduction :

  • Phrasal Verbs - Presentations and interactive exercises


Examples :



Listening :

  • Funky Phrasals
    "is a series of 10 conversational programmes in which a selection of phrasal verbs are explored and practised in context.
    We've created a bank of free downloadable worksheets to give you more scope for using the programmes in class...
    This unit kicks off the series with phrasal verbs in the context of 'childhood. "
    See webpage.

  • Face up to Phrasals
    "Follow the adventures of Fred, Betty, Daisy, Amanda and the rest of the gang - and learn about a new phrasal verb with every episode!"


  • - Free Audio English lessons
    based on fixed expressions (idioms), phrasal verbs, and common sayings.



Pronunciation :

  • Word Stress
    explanation - compound nouns -
    noun+noun compounds - phrasal verbs
    homographs (look-alikes)




INTERACTIVE exercises :


  • Phrasal Verbs - Crime - interactive exercise
    ex : To get into a building or car using force is to ___.
    a. break out
    b. break down
    c. break in
  • Phrasal Verbs -
    "After studying the verbs (with cartoons), you will take a quiz to see how well you have learned them." (


  • Crime (Phrasal verbs) - Matching exercise (kaleidovox)

Songs :