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UK : The Government


History :

  • Arrest after man spends night on roof of Parliament - 8 March 2015 
    "A 23-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing after spending several hours on the roof of Parliament.
    Negotiators, police and the Fire Brigade were called to the scene after being made aware of the incident at 21:15 GMT on Saturday."





  • The History of Parliament (
    The political institution - The building - The Clock Tower (Big Ben) - Big Ben: Facts and figures -
    Westminster Hall - Key dates...




Situation :



Tour of Parliament :




  • House of Lords (Wikipedia)

    1 History
    2 Lords Spiritual
    3 Lords Temporal
    4 Qualifications
    5 Officers
    6 Procedure
    7 Committees
    8 Legislative functions
    9 Judicial functions
    10 Relationship with the Government

    10.1 Current composition 10.2 Current political leaders in the Lords...
  • British House of Commons (Wikipedia)

    1 History
    2 Members and elections
    3 Qualifications
    4 Officers
    5 Procedure
    6 Committees
    7 Legislative functions
    8 Relationship with the Government
    9 Latest election
    10 Current composition
    11 The chamber in film and television...
  • Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster (Wikipedia)

    1 Structure
    2 Clock faces
    3 The Great Bell
    3.1 Other Bells
    4 Similar turret clocks
    5 Reliability
    6 Culture
    7 Cultural references
    7.1 A cultural cliché 7.2 The Clock Tower in popular culture
    8 References...

  • Big Ben Fact File (


State Opening of Parliament :

  • State Opening of Parliament (Wikipedia)
    1 Preparation
    2 Arrival of the Sovereign
    3 Summoning of the Commons
    4 Delivery of the speech
    5 Debate on the speech
    6 Equivalents, Commonwealth and elsewhere
    7 External links



How Parliament works :

  • British politics - Teaching pack - a worksheet

  • What is the Queen's Speech? - VIDEO
    "Written by the government and delivered by the reigning monarch, the Queen's Speech sets out the legislative agenda for the year ahead
    and is the centrepiece of the state opening of Parliament.

  • Teaching resources and lesson plans

  • Online tours
    "Parliament has developed a series of virtual tours for you to explore some of its famous buildings and learn about the work and history of Parliament."



  • How Parliament works (
    Parliament's role - MPs and Lords - Elections - Daily business - Making laws - Committees -
    Parliamentary occasions - Principal Officers and staff - Publications

Glossary :

INTERACTIVE activities :

Cartoons :



Videos :

  • How Parliament works in nearly 60 seconds
    "What do they do in Parliament all day and what exactly is the difference between Parliament and Government? A fun and speedy guide to how Parliament works voiced by Rick Edwards. Brought to you by the Houses of Parliament in collaboration with innovative storytellers Cognitive."



  • An Introduction to Parliament
    "This short animation introduces the UK Parliament, including its structure, how laws are made, holding Government to account and how you can get your voice heard. View the whole film here in around eight minutes, or pick a chapter using the links below...
    1:08 Parliament Structure: the function and make-up of the three parts of Parliament.
    2:46 Holding Government to Account: how Parliament checks and challenges the work of Government.
    3:51 Making Laws: follow the making of a law from proposal to becoming an Act of Parliament.
    5:10 Elections and Voting: the different types of election and a look in detail at the general election.
    6:35 Your Voice: how to have a voice in Parliament, from voting to petitioning and campaigning."




  • How does the House of Lords work? - And what are the roles and responsibilities of its Members?
    This animation gives a range of opinions to help you tackle this question with your students.
    You can also download the supporting teachers' pack on the Parliament website.
    Explore all the House of Lords resources at:"



  • What is the House of Commons?
    "Explore the House of Commons, including how it all began, its main functions, how its members are elected and the role of MPs."