George Orwell

British author
(1903 - 1950)

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- 'Animal Farm'

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Big Brother


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  • George Orwell - Gapfill exercise - interactive (annie.gwynn)
  • George Orwell - with a text
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'1984' :

  • Video SparkNotes: Orwell's 1984 Summary - 7' 37
    "Quick and easy 1984 synopsis, analysis, and discussion of major characters and themes in the novel.
    For more 1984 resources, go to"




  • Big Brother vs. Little Brother: Updating Orwell's 1984 - a lesson
    "In this lesson, students compare and contrast the world, people and technologies of 1984 with those of today and create a treatment for a modern film, print or stage adaptation that revolves around current technologies."

  • '1984' - COMIC BOOK
    "The comic book adaptation of '1984' ( George Orwell ) will soon modify its creation process and style.
    The original chapters will be replaced to preserve consistency. You can download the two original chapters for a limited time.
    Chapter 1 (2.6 mb pdf)
    Chapter 2 (6.4 mb pdf)

    Stay up to date on the latest chapter releases. Subscribe to 1984 comic."
    by Guy des Monts• Illustrator Montreal, Quebec, Canada :
    "I have worked as an illustrator for 10 years. Some of my clients include 2600 magazine, ReCon (reverse engineering conference).
    I am adapting George Orwell's '1984' into comic book format as a side project (currently on hold)."

  • '1984' - a study guide (

  • GEORGE ORWELL S 1984 - a teacher's guide
    "It provides challenging reading, stimulating themes of dehumanization,
    isolation, repression, loneliness, social class disparity, and abuse of power,
    and a basis upon which students can form their own opinions about today s society."


  • Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (Wikipedia)

'Animal Farm' :






  • Animal Farm - Fictional vs Real -
    "A matching activity to make sure you can see what created event - in Animal Farm - corresponds to a real event in history." (interactive)

  • Animal Farm -
    "A short-answer activity with questions about the historical characters who are represented in the novel Animal Farm." (interactive)
  • Animal Farm - A worksheet about the characters (
  • Animal Farm (Vocabulary) - crossword -
    "In this exercise you will be able to practise the use of vocabulary that you need to explain elements in the book Animal Farm." (interactive)
  • Animals by Pink Floyd
    "The album appears to be heavily inspired by George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' as, through the central three songs,
    Roger Waters uses three animals as metaphors for human behavior: dogs, pigs, or sheep..."