OLYMPIC SPORTS - a webquest

Olympic Sports - Crossword Puzzle



2. An animal used in an olympic sport.
7. You swim in a . (2 words)
10. First, second, .
11. You can play volleyball there.
12. It is supposed to bring good luck to a team.
14. You must be very . to lift heavy weights.
16. A short firearm.
17. 'Plus haut' in English.
18. Fast.



1. You must wear it on your head in some sports.
3. Fencers use them.
4. It is a white metal.
5. Playing surface made of wooden parquet.
6. Beijing in French.
7. The seat of a bicycle.
8. A swimmer wears them.
9. Hockey players hit the ball with them.
11. Used to hit the cricket ball.
13. Archers use them.
15. Boxers fight there.


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