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  • Paralympics - A guide
    "The Paralympic Games is a massive sporting event for athletes with disabilities.
    It takes place just after the Olympics, every four years..."

  • Olympic English : History - Sports - Quiz - with interactive activites


  • Summer Olympics Disaster Guide
    What could go wrong in Beijing ? Everything.
    Pollution / Algae / Tibet / Rain / Darkness / Visa Issues / Food / Water / Locusts / Terrorism


  • China warning to Olympic visitors
    "Organisers of the Beijing Olympics have warned foreign visitors against political activism during the Games...
    The organisers' detailed do's and don't's document is entitled:
    "A guide to Chinese law for Foreigners coming to, leaving or staying in China during the Olympics."


  • Chinese babies named 'Olympic Games'
    "More than 4,000 children in China have been given the name Aoyun, meaning Olympic Games, in the past 15 years...
    It is not uncommon for Chinese children to be given names of common events and popular slogans - such as Defend China, Build the Nation and Space Travel...
    babies have also been given names such as Hope for Sichuan, to show solidarity with earthquake victims."



  • Following the torch through China - Interactive guide
    "The BBC is following the torch's journey, picking out various locations along the route that show some of the different aspects of this vast country
    - its ancient temples and modern cityscapes; urban riches and rural poverty; historical landmarks and political divisions.
    By clicking on the map ..., find out more about the places featured.
    When the torch arrives at each place, we will add new material in text, pictures, audio and video, together with accounts from people living in the area.""













    Relive the emotion of previous Games by selecting a date or host city.

  • Sports Animations - OLYMPIC DISCIPLINES (
    - with detailed explanations of each event, the equipment required and the techniques used.



  • Olympics 2008
    "Learn some sports related vocabulary and try the quizzes. A new sport each day from today!"





Conversation questions :

  • The Olympic Dream - a debate : Is the Olympic Dream Dead? (







  • Mascots

  • The Mascots
    "BeiBei the fish represents prosperity, JingJing the panda is naïve and optimistic YingYing the Tibetan antelope is fast and agile (and not at all
    keen on monks), NiNi the swallow is strong in gymnastics, while HuanHuan is a child of fire, symbolising the Olympic flame and the passion of sport expressed in the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger"..."



  • A Map of Olympic Medals
    "Circles are sized by the number of medals each country won in past summer Olympic Games.
    Click on a country to display a list of its medal winners."




  • 173 years of incredible sport photos - 17 August 2016
    Amazing images of the human body in motion
    "As the Olympics come to a close, Fiona Macdonald looks at a new book and exhibition featuring images
    that have celebrated the human body in motion for almost two centuries."

    Avi Torres of Spain sets off at the start of the 200m freestyle heats,
    Paralympic Games, Athens, September 1, 2004

  • In pictures: The Olympics caught on camera - 2 August 2016
    "Veteran photographer Elsa Garrison is part of Getty Images's team of 40 specialist sport photographers who will be at this year's Olympic Games
    in Rio which begin on 5 August. Here Garrison has picked out some of her favourite images from past Olympics."


    "Usain Bolt of Jamaica breaks the world record
    with a time of 19.30 seconds to win the gold medal
    in the men's 200m final at the National Stadium
    during Day 12 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games."

  • Olympics closing ceremony photos (BBC)




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INTERACTIVE activities :

  • London 2012: Olympic medals timeline
    "Medals have been presented to event winners and runners-up since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.
    For each host city, different medals are minted and the designs and sizes have changed through time.
    Explore them by clicking on the medals...

    Test your medal! Match the Olympic medal to the correct games"


  • Olympics 2008
    "Learn some sports related vocabulary and try the quizzes. A new sport each day from today!"




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  • Olympics 2008
    "Learn some sports related vocabulary and try the quizzes. A new sport each day from today!"





Lesson plans :

  • Gold Medal Olympics Activities
    "Ten gold-medal lessons about the Summer Olympics.
    Included: Activities that involve students in creating time lines and graphs, writing biographies of famous Olympians, and much more.
    + Olympic lessons caught on the net
    (Education World)






  • SALT LAKE 2002 - a webquest (pour 3ème) with a crossword (niveau 3ème)
  • SALT LAKE 2002 - a webquest (pour 6ème) with a crossword (niveau 6ème)
    Certains liens ne fonctionnent plus, mais peuvent donner des idées pour créer une autre webquest...



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  • Summer Olympic Worksheets ( :
    crosswords - riddles - word search - word scramble - rhyming worksheets - etc


Animations / Videos

  • "I AM" - Michael Hubbs
    "Michael Hubbs is speed skater with his sights set on the 2014 Winter Olympics.
    After overcoming the challenge of being deaf, he is determined to not let any obstacle get in the way of him achieving his goals.
    Follow him on his road to success."





  • MORE videos here (




  • Olympics - a FLASH animation (YouTube)



  • Summer Games artifacts (
    Autographs, badges and pins, stickers, mascot dolls, medals, posters, programs, tickets, seals, etc.
    (avec photos et descriptions détaillées - pour faire des transparents).
  • Olympic Games Posters ( :
    What is a poster ?
    Poster-making techniques.
    Announcing the Games
    What is an Olympic poster ?
    Official Olympic posters.
    The first Olympic posters.
    The process of selection.
    The distribution of the Olympic poster
    Methods of communication - Public appreciation.
    Reading an Olympic poster -
    Two examples :
    - Olympic Winter Games official poster - St. Moritz 1948.
    - Olympic Summer Games official poster - Rome 1960.
    Context - Image - Designers - Composition and Style - Message.
    The visual history of the Games
    Significant elements - Role in the communication of the Games.


Stories :

  • Chinese middle school student "roller skated 2,300km from his home town of Guangzhou to Beijing to spectate at the Olympics.
    The first thing that Yang did on arrival was to sit down and write a letter to his teacher about his journey and the Olympic spirit."



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Chocolate coins





Summer Superheroes (2008)

Michael PHELPS



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