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(Updated on 20/09/2016)


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  • In pictures: Nagasaki bombing - 9 August 2015
    "On 9 August 1945, the US dropped the second atomic bomb ever deployed in conflict, hitting the Japanese industrial city of Nagasaki.
    Six days later, Japan announced its surrender.
    At least 74,000 people died in the Nagasaki blast or from subsequent injuries.
    Some 140,000 people had died three days before in Hiroshima, in the world's first nuclear attack."


  • North Korea: 'No Interest at All' in Nuclear Deal - Text + Audio - 29 July 2015
    "U.S. special diplomat to North Korean talks is meeting with Chinese and South Korean officials about restarting talks with North Korea on its nuclear program. However, North Korea has said it is not interested in giving up its weapons. The six-party talks were suspended in 2009."


  • Kerry Seeks Support in US for Iran Nuclear Deal - Text + Audio + Video - 21 July 2015
    "U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is talking to Congress members about support for the nuclear deal with Iran.
    Lawmakers have 60 days to approve the deal. On Monday, the U.N. Security Council approved the measure.
    If Iran is to violate the agreement, the measure calls for a return to sanctions."


  • A Closer Look at the Iran Nuclear Deal - Text + Audio + Video - 18 July 2015
    "The agreement includes a plan for inspections of Iran’s nuclear centers and limits on the machines used to manufacture material for nuclear weapons. President Obama’s political opponents do not support the deal."


  • Obama: Iran Deal Makes America, World Safer - Text + Audio - 15 July 2015
    "The US president says the agreement “cuts off every single path” for Iran to build a nuclear bomb."


  • Historic Iran Nuclear Agreement Reached - Text + Audio - 15 July 2015
    "For the United States, the agreement with Iran does not represent an official treaty. So approval by two-third of the Senate is not needed.
    But Congress passed, and President Obama signed, a measure giving lawmakers 60 days to approve or reject an agreement with simple majority votes."


  • Top Countries with Nuclear weapons infographic (

  • Wiltshire's Underground City - FOR SALE
    "Burlington: The 35 acre, secret subterranean Cold War City that lies 100 feet beneath Corsham...
    Built in the late 50s this massive city complex was designed to safely house up to 4,000 central Government personnel in the event of a nuclear strike.
    In a former Bath stone quarry the city, code named Burlington, was to be the site of the main Emergency Government War Headquarters
    - the hub of the Country’s alternative seat of power outside London."
    + Gallery + Interactive map + Video tour


  • Los Alamos nuclear lab: New Mexico fire forces closure with a video - 28 June 2011
    "One of the top nuclear weapons research facilities in the US will remain closed until Thursday as fire fighters battle a wildfire raging at its boundary... The lab employs about 11,800 people, and about 12,000 people live in the town of Los Alamos."


    Wildfire reaches boundary of Los Alamos nuclear lab


  • Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022
    "The decision makes Germany the biggest industrial power to announce plans to give up nuclear energy...
    you can base your energy policy not on nuclear, not on coal, but on renewables."


    Germany To Close All Nuclear Power Plants (31st May, 2011) - a lesson plan

  • A cloud of nuclear mistrust spreads around the world - 16 March 2011 - Special report by Michael McCarthy.
    "After decades of lies, nuclear reassurances now fall on deaf ears."



  • Nuclear Power Plants (

    "Ever wonder how a nuclear reactor works?
    Here are some graphics that will quickly bring you up to speed on how electric generation works using nuclear fuel."

    • Animation


  • Explainer: How a nuclear reactor works - interactive (

  • Nuclear Treaty - interactive - with a timeline (


  • Q&A: Nuclear disarmament
    "In 2010, the next five-yearly review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will be held. President Obama has spoken of his hopes for a nuclear-weapons free world.

    Is a nuclear-weapons free world possible?
    What do nuclear-weapon states say?
    What weapons have the nuclear states given up?..."

  • Guide: Global nuclear powers - with a map
  • Timeline: Nuclear Power (BBC)



  • How Nuclear Power Works (
    Introduction to How Nuclear Power Work
    Nuclear Fission
    Inside a Nuclear Power Plant
    Outside a Nuclear Power Plant
    Subcriticality, Criticality and Supercriticality
    Problems with Nuclear Power Plants
    - with a VIDEO

  • Atomic Archive (
    Biographies - Documents - Treaties - Photographs - Videos - Maps - Glossary -
    Nuclear Data - Timeline - Nuclear Fission - Nuclear Fusion



  • Nuclear blast (
    "A nuclear blast is an explosion with intense light and heat, a damaging pressure wave and widespread radioactive material that can contaminate the air, water and ground surfaces for miles around. During a nuclear incident, it is important to avoid radioactive material, if possible. While experts may predict at this time that a nuclear attack is less likely than other types, terrorism by its nature is unpredictable..."


  • The Eleven Steps to Survival (
    1. Know the effects of nuclear explosions.
    2. Know the facts about radioactive fallout.
    3. Know the warning signal and have a battery-powered radio.
    4. Know how to take shelter.
    5. Have fourteen days emergency supplies.
    6. Know how to prevent and fight fires.
    7. Know first aid and home nursing.
    8. Know emergency cleanliness.
    9. Know how to get rid of radioactive dust.
    10. Know your municipal plans.
    11. Have a plan for your family and yourself.


  • Nuclear Blast Mapper (PBS)
    "will show you how terribly destructive thermonuclear weapons are.
    Choose a Weapon / Enter Location of Target / DETONATE!"


  • Nuclear accidents - un schéma (

  • Nuclear accidents (
    "Though nuclear power is a good source of energy and is generally not a threat, there have been instances when security measures have failed.
    Nuclear meltdowns can cause dangerous radiation to escape into the surrounding environment."


  • Chernobyl's story - From the explosion to the environment - the disaster explained (BBC)


  • Nuclear leak pollutes water - July 13, 2008 (
    "A NUCLEAR power plant (Tricastin) in a tourist region of southern France has been closed after a uranium leak polluted the local water supply..."




The word: Nuke - May 2013 (



Better Homes & Bunkers: The Fallout Shelter for the Nuclear Family
"The family fallout shelter’s ostensible purpose — to ensure survival during and after a nuclear attack
— was impossible to achieve.
That wasn’t why it was created. It was part of the propaganda campaign to convince the American people
that they could survive a nuclear war...
In 1959, the government published and distributed millions of copies of a 32-page booklet
called The Family Fallout Shelter.
It included step-by-step instructions for building the Concrete Block Shelter,
a cube constructed of concrete block and mortar." 



Ground water
( = 'nappe phréatique')


Sources of
groundwater contamination



Discharge of
ground water to streams


Nuclear Fallout Shelter



A refuge room





Radioactive waste






  • Nuclear explosion / Atomic bomb

  • Radioactive


  • Des activistes de Greenpeace "installent 200 croix dans le golfe de Corinthe pour protester contre l'installation d'une nouvelle centrale nucléaire, Grèce, le 30 septembre 2008."










  • Special report : NUCLEAR ENERGY
    "25 years after Chernobyl, a nuclear crisis confronts Japan. We examine the pros and cons of our nuclear world...
    Explore our global database of nuclear reactors."
    + Featured Stories
    + Timeline of Nuclear History - interactive


  • The Nuclear Debate
    "Following the radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, caused by the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on 11th March, this lesson discusses some of the pros and cons of nuclear power."


  • Energy Crisis: Nuclear vs Renewable Sources
    "Is nuclear power the best way to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of the planet, or do alternative energy sources provide a viable alternative?"






  • The samurai and survivors of Fukushima
    "One of these people – considered a lunatic by some and a hero by others – is Keigo Sakamoto, a farmer and former caregiver for the mentally handicapped. Sakamoto said no to evacuation, stayed inside the zone and made animals his mission. He ventured into empty towns and villages
    and collected all the dogs and cats and rabbits and chocolate marmots abandoned..."





Cartoon: My People Will Never Starve
+ VOCABULARY + Related articles



Cartoon: He who sups with the devil
should use a long spoon ...

+ LANGUAGE NOTES + Related articles 



We're safe, clean and sound










  • The Most Radioactive Places on Earth - Video with English subtitles
    Who on Earth is exposed to the most ionizing radiation? Derek Muller from Veritasium investigates.
    With a lesson: Watch / Think / Discuss
    and the video with French subtitles


  • Every nuclear bomb explosion in history
    "On July 16th, 1945, the United States conducted the world's first test of a nuclear weapon.
    Less than a month later, two bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
    bringing about the end of the Second World War. No nuclear bombs have been used as weapons since the attacks on Japan, but thousands of tests have been conducted – primarily by the US and USSR throughout the Cold War."



  • Reuters Video: Activists chained to German railtrack
    "Greenpeace activists chain themselves to a railway track in protest against a nuclear waste transport train in Germany."


  • Ed Sullivan’s Nuclear Apocalypse Cartoon - 'A Short Vision'
    "In 1956 The Ed Sullivan Show once ran a cartoon depicting the effects of a nuclear bomb.
    His unsuspecting audience was treated to a trippy, surreal animation that features a man’s face being melted off and the onslaught of nuclear devastation on the earth."

    Watch the video.
    "The film is composed mostly of still drawings, creating a terrifying effect amplified by a sombre commentary spoken in the style of the Bible..."





  • Nuclear bomb shelter for sale in Devon
    "The strongest privately-owned bomb shelter in Britain could be yours for £350,000. Owner Mike Thomas gives prospective buyers a guided tour...
    The 300 sq ft cavern has concrete walls which are 32 inches thick and enough food and water to sustain his family for a month. "



  • Dirty War
     "is a 2004 BBC, in association with HBO Filmsmade-for-TV movie thriller/drama about a terrorist attack on Central London, written by Lizzie Mickery and Daniel Percival...
    The film opens with a June 2003 quote from E. Manningham Bullerdirector general (DG) of MI5: "It will only be a matter of time before a crude chemical, biological or radiological (CBRN) attack is launched on a major western city" and provides the basic premise for the film.
    The film follows the journey of radioactive material, hidden in vegetable oil containers, from Habiller, Turkey (~210 km west of Istanbul) through Sofia, Bulgaria, to Deptford, to an East End Indian food takeawayrestaurant, and to a rented house in Willesden, where it assembled into a dirty bomb...
    The film is considered an accurate portrayal of a potential radiological terrorist attack with subsequent emergency response.
    As such, the film has been used to train first-responders in the US who may be called upon to respond to similar incidents."



  • Into Eternity 
    "is a feature documentary film directed by Danish director Michael Madsen, released in 2010.[1] 
    It follows the digging and pre-implementation of the Onkalo nuclear waste repository on the island of OlkiluotoFinland.
    Director Michael Madsen questions Onkalo's intended eternal existence, addressing an audience in the remote future.
    Into Eternity raises the question of the authorities' responsibility of ensuring compliance with relatively new safety criteria legislation and the principles at the core of nuclear waste management...
    Into Eternity is the only full-length documentary about nuclear waste repository solutions...
    This film explores the question of preparing the site so that it is not disturbed for 100,000 years."


  • Schematic of the geologic repository research tunnel
    under construction at the Onkalo site near Olkiluoto N
    uclear Power Plant, Finland.


    INTO ETERNITY - Bande annonce vostFR (YouTube)