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(Updated on 12/02/2013)


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Cliparts :

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Facts :


  • Woman, 92, 'shot at man over kiss snub' - UPDATED
    "A 92-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after she allegedly fired shots at a neighbour who refused to kiss her...
    She then allegedly fired four rounds into Mr Bettner's house from a semi-automatic pistol, shattering a window...
    Mrs Staudinger, who denies asking Mr Bettner for a kiss, faces charges of aggravated assault and firearms offences. "


  • Tarantino sues - Exotic birds are driving me insane
    "Quentin Tarantino is going to WAR with his famous neighbor (Alan Ball) - claiming the guy owns a ton of exotic birds (macaws) that constantly emit "blood-curdling screams" ... and it's affecting Q's ability to write scripts!"




Proverbs :

  • American Proverb : "Folks like the truth that hits their neighbour."(
  • German proverb : "A good neighbour doubles the value of a house."
  • Italian proverb : "God save you from a bad neighbour and from a beginner on the fiddle."
  • Russian proverb : "Don't buy the house; buy the neighbour."

Humour :

  • The well-known argument of the witch hunt:
    "All witches keep black cats. My neighbour keeps a black cat. So my neighbour must be a witch"

Listening :

  • Easy Pet Care - "A man tries to persuade his neighbor to take care of his unusual pets." (
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Post-Listening Exercises
    Level: Medium


Activities TO PRINT :


Lesson plans :

  • Noisy neighbours biggest problem (September 18, 2014) - a lesson with audio
    "A new report says that a quarter of people in Britain have had problems with their neighbours in the past year."




Stories :


    • The Scarlatti Tilt - Activities sent by Anne-Sophie SAINT-SULPICE (Ac. Lyon) :
      "A l'origine j'avais fait une faute de frappe sur l'histoire et j'avais décidé de la laisser car d'une part cela permet de placer tous les personnages typiques
      de la 'detective story' et d'autre part ça leur permet je pense de bien voir à quel point une simple lettre peut être importante en anglais (une fois qu'on rectifie l'erreur). Vous pouvez, vous, l'enlever, c'est alors plus simple pour les élèves de comprendre. Mais comme moi je veux bien leur faire réaliser à quel point les ellipses dans la narration peuvent être un obstacle à la compréhension, ça ne me gêne pas qu'ils rament un peu au début."
      - The Scarlatti Tilt 4ème
      - The Scarlatti Tilt 2nde
      - Alibi rules - un jeu pris dans "Language Teaching Games and contests" de W R Lee. 
      Pour les classes plus faibles je faisais venir l'assistante et elle aidait les deux suspects à préparer leur alibi."
      - Creative writing

    • The Scarlatti Tilt - "The classic crime story from the writings of Richard Brautigan." (YouTube)


    • The Scarlatti Tilt - Ms McCulloch's classes
      "Read the short story “The Scarlatti Tilt” ... Not very long, is it? Yet it does have all the elements of a story.
      There are characters, suspense, dialogue and we ..."


    • The Scarlatti Tilt  "is an apparent ‘humorous’ tale of the killing of one human being by another.  This particular story is an excellent example of ..."

    • The Scarlatti Tilt Essay (

  • Good Neighbours : a story with activities (



Roleplay :

Cartoons :




A cat looking at a freshly raked seed bed
in a garden
and thinking of using it as a cat toilet




Like a good neighbour...


Get down from there!
The neighbours are looking!


Teach to fish...

Remember the Chinese proverb :
"Give a man a fish and
you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish
and you feed him
for a lifetime."


Cat poop

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Noisy Neighbours





Nosey Neighbours




Jokes :

  • When I was a kid, I had no watch.
    I used to tell the time by my violin.
    I used to practise in the middle of the night,
    and the neighbours would yell,
    "Fine time to practise the violin, three o'clock in the morning!"



Flash Animations :




  • The Angry Neighbours (
    "Your two neighbours are in a nasty argument. Can you help them resolve it before things get out of control?"



Television :

  • Neighbours : "a long-running Australian television soap opera" (Wikipedia)

Songs :

  • Man Next Door by Massive Attack :
    "There is a man that live next door
    In my neighborhood...
    And he gets me down...

    He gets in so late at night
    Always a fuss and fight...
    All through the night"



Poems :

  • Neighbours by Benjamin Zephaniah
    "I am the type you are supposed to fear
    Black and foreign
    Big and dreadlocks
    An uneducated grass eater..."