Native Americans
Native Americans (history)



Native Americans
An A to Z Treasure Hunt

A is for AIM
What do the letters AIM stand for? ________________________________________________________________________
Why was it founded ?
Because of the dark violence of __________________________________________________________________________


B is for Buffalo

Give the name of the General who said that the extermination of the buffaloes
would help for the extermination of the Native Americans.

C is Chiefs ( Page 1 + Page 2 + Page 3 + Page 4 + Page 5 )

Name :
Tribe :          


D is for Doctors

What was the basis of the Native American medicine?

E is for Europeans
When did the first contact between Europeans and Native Americans take place? ____________________________________
What was the expedition looking for? ______________________________________________________________________


F is for Flight

The __________________ was a sacred bird.
Who was allowed to wear feathers of the eagle?
Who was allowed to kill the eagle?
Give the names of two other sacred animals:

G is for Genocide

Give the definition of “genocide”
Give five categories of genocidal activities:
- _________________________________________________________________________________________________
- _________________________________________________________________________________________________
- _________________________________________________________________________________________________
- _________________________________________________________________________________________________
- _________________________________________________________________________________________________

H is for Homes
Complete this chart :


I is for Indian legends
Read the legend and then put it back in order

a. When the woman walked into his village, he had already completed his task.
She then told the people of the village that she came from Heaven and was here on earth to teach them how to live and what their future would be.

b. When she was finished she turned into a white buffalo calf, then turned the colour black, then red,
then last she turned yellow, representing the colours of the four directions. Then she disappeared.

c. This Lakota myth tells of two men who were on a hunting trip when they noticed a beautiful young woman walking towards them.
She was dressed in white buckskin and carried a bundle on her back.

d. One of the men had bad thought about her, but the moment he approached her, he was suddenly surrounded by a white mist.
When the mist dispersed, nothing of the man remained but a skeleton.

e. She gave the people maize, taught them the use of the pipe, and taught them the seven sacred ceremonies.
Furthermore, she gave them colours for the four winds or directions.

f. The woman turned to the other man and she told him to go home and prepare a big lodge for her.
The man ran home and did exactly what she had told him to do.


J is for John Dunbar
Dances with Wolves is the story of the man who went in search _____________________________and found _____________________.
Give one argument for this film: _______________________________________________________________________
Give one argument against this film:

K is for Wounded Knee
How many people died? ___________________________________________________________________________
How long did it take? ______________________________________________________________________________
What was the soldiers’ excuse? ______________________________________________________________________

L is for Locating cultures- Map 1 + Map 2
On this map:
- Colour the different culture areas.
- Indicate what your colour correspond to.
- Place these tribes: Nez Perce – Navajo – Zuni – Dakota – Cheyenne – Comanche – Illinois – Iroquois – Powhatan - Cherokee


Northwest coast

Eastern woodlands


M is for Mustang Horses (Click on "Kiger Mustang")

Who brought the horse to America and when?
Among the Indians, which tribe was considered to have the best horsemen? _______________________________________________________


N is for Native American language
The English language has borrowed some words of Indian origin. Give examples: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

O is for Oral language

Why were several hundred Navajo Americans recruited as Marines and trained in 1942?
(Search the Vault : Type "Windtalkers".)

Their code is considered to have _____________________________________________________________________

P is for Plains + Plants + Animals
- Give the names of the tribes living on the plains: _________________________________________________________
- What sort of homes did they live in? __________________________________________________________________
- Indicate 4 plants growing on the plains:________________________________________________________________
- Indicate 4 animals living on the plains:_________________________________________________________________


Q is for Queen

- name: ____________________________________________________________________________
- date and place of birth: _______________________________________________________________
- father’s name and occupation: _________________________________________________________
- from 1608 to 1609: __________________________________________________________________
- April, 1613: ________________________________________________________________________
- April, 1614: ________________________________________________________________________
- 1616: _____________________________________________________________________________
- March, 1617: _______________________________________________________________________
- Does Disney’s version of Pocahontas correspond to historic reality? _____________________________


R is for Reservations

- Give examples of energy resources that can be found on reservations today:

- What is the controversy (=problem)? _________________________________________________________________

S is for Sacred Site

- Mount Rushmore was created on a Native American sacred site. What did the Sioux create there in reaction to this insult?
- What did they want the white man to know? ___________________________________________________________________________________
- Are there any pictures, photos or paintings of Crazy Horse? Why?

T is for Totem poles

A totem pole served as the emblem of ______________________________________________________________

U is for United States of America
Here is the list of the USA. Circle the names of Indian origin.

V is for Vote
When did the American Indians win the right to vote and become true citizens?

W is for Writing
Use picture writing to transcript this message on the hide:

This morning, the chief took his horse and left to hunt the buffalo in the mountains.
But the clouds arrived and it started raining.
He returned at noon. He was sad…

Picture writing :

In picture writing, they used small drawn symbols that stood for ideas or words.
Picture writing was used to decorate their homes and often painted on buffalo hides to record important events of the life of the tribe.
Have a look at these symbols:


X, Y, Z, it’s the end!

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