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  • Mother’s Day "is celebrated in the United States and in many other countries on the second Sunday of May."
    + Infographic
  • Mother's Day Celebration
    Celebration guide to Mother's Day, including recipes, crafts, gift ideas and games for this special day.
    "Mothers Day is a special day for honoring Mothers through out the world. The Mother's Day holds great significance for all of us.
    As usual, the Mothers Day 2013 will be celebrated on May 12, 2013 in the U. S. whereas the U. K. will celebrate the Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day) , 2013 on date March 10."


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  • If You Could Change One Thing about Mom
    "Children say one thing that they would like to change about their mother."


  • Thank you, Mom!
    "Just in time for Mothers Day, we went around New York City asking real people on the street to say thank you to their mothers."




  • Celebrate Mother's Day - Debenhams : Mom
    "Instead of only calling for your mom when you need her, you can call her this time to thank her for everything she has done for you.
    Only using the word ‘mom’ conveys this message perfectly."



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Mother's Day Cartoon
"Today (18 March 2012) is Mother's Day 
(aka Mothering Sunday) in the UK.
This cartoon from 
suggests some ideas for pleasing
the best mother in the world."